Sunday, July 17, 2011

The First Nature of the Ascended Human Being

What are the implications of growing up into the process of ascension? There are but a few. First of all, it is imperative to step into the heart center. Without that, the next dimension is simply not perceived as existent. It is of course still a matter of free will choice whether or not any one person wishes to go along with the process that is in full swing, namely, the planet Earth's own increase in frequency.

Truly, judgment is not a thing that will prevail in the new energies. I am glad for that, as I am learning to understand the difference between judgment and discernment even more detailed as I have before. Discernment is still very much needed to navigate through this life. Discernment will help us make decisions, evaluate the choices we have before us. The best focus to have is the one of an open, loving heart.

Discernment to me does not hold judgment, it does however hold an intelligent and informed decision for one thing or another. It allows the thing that has not been chosen to be as it is, for whomever wants to chose that particular thing. It does not attribute value to either or the other option. It only helps us in deciding what we want to experience and for me it is a very important feature to take on responsibility and live our lives as sovereign souls with a very high level of integrity. It is integrity towards our own missions, our soul's contracts and plans that were contrived with the higher intelligence and understanding from the soul's point of view from beyond the veil. To live thus, means to live with a very high degree of consciousness.

As I feel the energies around me, there is one thing that is popping up over and over again. It is that first step towards ascension and life in the higher frequencies. It is that urge to spread the news that finding one's heart is so very important for this process. The heart's love is the foundation of it. If you find yourself in a heart space, but falter, find yourself in fear again, do not hesitate to recognize that fact and intend to find your heart space again and again.

Currently, so it appears, the energies on the planet are facilitating this process of practicing to stay in the love. It is as if mankind has this window of opportunity to do this, NOW... It takes but a few moments of awareness, a formulated and possibly voiced intent of stepping out of the point of fear, into the point of love. If you cannot recognize the moment you falter and slip out of that space, you can make it an hourly exercise to step into the heart. Until it becomes second nature. No, until it becomes first nature, for the ascended human being's FIRST nature is the full acceptance, integration and uninterrupted expression of unconditional love.

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