Friday, July 29, 2011

A Vast and Empty Mind

Ever found yourself in a place where there is absolutely nothing to say? I've touched upon this place a time or two during my commitment to say something on a daily basis. Today is such a day. I've tried a number of times, but for the love of writing and words, I can't come up with anything witty, smart nor important enough to say. I decide to write how I feel, in order not to miss out on my daily promise that I have made to myself, but somehow it does feel a bit like a cop-out. Shouldn't I say nothing, if there's nothing that moves me? Shouldn't I just honor this emptiness in my mind and let things unfold as they do? I believe on some level that I actually should just skip a day - or two - or even a week.Immediately, however, I feel a sense of sadness spread through my being. A thought of breaking a promise has reached my mind. I take promises very seriously.

So I take a moment to explore this empty head of mine. A part of me is very peaceful with this calm mind. Isn't it the very thing that the wisdom traditions promote? "Still your mind !" I've heard it way too many times. Well, now the mind is still and I'm actually finding myself hard pressed to be talkative.

The stillness is a vast ocean. It's deep. There is an incredible amount of space for raw potential. That space is not being utilized at this moment and I have no other choice than to accept that. Often, I can bring myself to be empty enough to find a spark, an idea, something that tickles my fancy. Today, I rest in my peaceful emptiness, knowing that I haven't written up the greatest story, the most inspirational thing or anything that could even come close. Far from it. Today, all I have in this last hour before my deadline is the surrender into the empty mind and my expansion of the calm comfort it brings. There are no "shoulds", there is only that which is and as it is, it is exactly how it is supposed to be.

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