Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Beautiful World

For many thousands of years, the wisdom traditions teach that in order to reach higher levels of consciousness one needs to still the mind. It is still so, that this avenue of stilling the mind (calming the many thoughts in your head to silence) is a very effective tool.

Earth is a very loud place. Have you ever paused to listen actively to the buzz that is going on around us perpetually? I have. Even if the physical ears claim to not hear, the inner ears and my  energies most certainly feel bombarded continually. This bombardment makes it very difficult to achieve that inner silence, that state of a stilled mind. It is still possible. Another way would be to focus solely on that which is conducive for peaceful living.

I maintain that whatever our minds focus on and therefore give energy to, is the very thing we create. If one takes this premise and applies it quite strictly to controlling the direction of one's thoughts, distinct changes in realities and experiences can be achieved. At times, I find it necessary to go into a state of seclusion, where I do not expose myself to any bad news. NONE at all.... For the active creation of a better world, it is important for me to give my energy to nature, to beauty, to enjoyment of the incredible diversity of life here on Earth. I don't abolish all negative things, I just take a break from being exposed to them around the clock. By taking that break, I focus my energy on things that are soothing to my soul and create a sense of well-being inside my heart. In this focus, I include things like unity, love, peace and harmony. I make it a point to actively seek and view these things in my surroundings, in my life experience, past and present. I make it also a point to actively shift my focus away from the things that give my senses a jolt. I turn off TV, news, I stop visiting social media where folks try to tell me how bad this world is. It is NOT a bad world, really it isn't. It's a world that is currently (still) on a downward spiral with all these creators on it emphasizing on the negative, even if their intention is one of warning or informing, of not being asleep. By consciously choosing not to give energy to the negative, I am not entering a state of being asleep. I don't deny its existence within the experience of duality. I just decide not to feed it.

Just imagine how beautiful this world can become if more and more people focus on the positive and with that consciously create something other than the perpetual "bad news" that is polluting this planet? I am a confessed dreamer, true, but I think this goes beyond dreaming alone, for if you look around you, the beauty is staring at you wherever you look, you just got to make yourself get into a state in which you are open to see it.

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