Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rejoicing in Divine Diversity

The more I am getting used to not identifying with anything at all, the more I begin to recognize and also appreciate the myriad of different expressions manifest all around me. Be they in nature, or "man-made", be they opinions or political statements, there is no end to the diversity that is ever present all around me. In the state of nothingness, there is no attachment nor aversion to any one of these manifestations. In that state, everything just is - or isn't - or both.

In the waves of awareness that are washing through me in the state of nothingness, I become aware of the incredible Divine joy that is a signature of those waves. It is in the recognition and the awareness of the diversity that I'm experiencing. Each and every little detail can be enjoyed, recognized made fully aware. It is obvious that everything is but a part of a greater whole, but by diving into the state of nothingness, I have made room within myself to embrace the very small parts as well as the whole. In this, I embrace the joy of Divine Diversity and see the blessing that comes from having the Universal law of "free will". It is quite a Creation we have here! - Anything goes !

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