Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vibrating in the Frequency of the Earth

I don't know how it is in different areas of the world, but this year, the sun's rays seem to have an intensity that I have not experienced before, even when compared to the tropical areas I visited during my travels 20 or so years ago. The stranger part is, that when I have a good day, where I am in really wonderful vibrations, maintaining my heart energy, I can stay out in the sun for prolonged amounts of time and I don't get burned, nor do I get any symptoms at all. When however, I have been exposed to a lot of fears and lower vibrations and have perhaps taken to lowering my own vibration, I am affected by the sun's rays by sunburn, headaches, dizziness and other symptoms of heat exhaustion and that after only a short while outside.

Interestingly enough, one of my daughters came with crystalline structures intact (a crystal child) and she can play out in the sun without any adverse reactions at all. I understand that it is all speculation on my part, but my observations bring a theory into my awareness. The sun flares and resulting storms are affecting the Earth greatly, they are catalysts for the birthing pangs into the 5th dimension. The sun's radiation is greatly increased as can be observed by the ever rising SPF numbers on the sunscreen's available in the stores. This that has nothing to do with ozone layers in my opinion. It has increased steadily over the past 30+ years (I remember olive oil and sunscreen with SPF 2!) and it keeps rising quicker and quicker. We humans have a few options here, either be burned to a painful red crisp when out in the sun unprotected, slop chemicals onto our skin in ways of sunscreen, don hats and other headgear or simply rise our own frequency to match that of the sun's radiation that is pounding the planet.

In my understanding, rising our frequency means that we become less dense physically. This seems to be difficult to understand, as our bodies are not see-through by any means (yet). In the 5th and 6th dimensions, so I am shown, bodies are still physical, but the DNA structures become more and more crystalline (whatever that means, really). It means that the physical bodies are vibrating at a different sound pitch, perception of that which we experience is greatly altered, expanded actually, and our habits and needs for nourishment changes as well to a lighter diet. One of the most important things is still the intake of clean water. Clean and/or love-infused, and therefore enriched and cleansed water. (See the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto).

All these things are happening to us whether we try really hard or whether we don't even have a thought about it. We are intricately linked to the energies of our biosphere and as Earth increases her vibration, so are we. If we are ahead of the game with this process, we find certain things as exposure to the radiation of the sun easier to bear than if we were behind. However, being ahead of the game is rather painful when dealing with life issues that are still in the lower frequencies.

Quite possibly, staying right dead smack in the exact frequency of where Earth is, may be the easiest way to experience this birthing process into the next dimension. As always, there is no judgment whatsoever when it comes to assessing where anyone stands frequency wise. The diversity of this experience lies in allowing the forerunners, the mid-field as well as the stragglers to just be where they are in full acceptance of the whole picture. After all, it's not a race.

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