Saturday, July 9, 2011

Being Instead of Doing

It's been a busy day today. Time has played a number of tricks on me, or so it appears when I look back over this day. I was very productive, helping a friend, which was double the fun for me. Before doing that, I had actually time to do massive amounts of yard work. My body felt as if I had done just a little bit of yardwork. Somehow that kitchen was cleaned up too and I can't even remember putting any effort towards that. (no, it wasn't the kids!)  In fact, it was an effortless day.

It wasn't just emotionally effortless, it was effortless in physical ways, in ways of "time management" which wasn't managed at all, but seemed like big chunks of effortless expansive moments of fun, somewhat arranged one after the other. There was still linearity to my day, but in bits and pieces, there was this sense of expansion that feels so very freeing. The effortless nature of my day is something that is very dear to me. I know of this sensation. I know that things can flow in this manner. I experience states like these when I am utterly creative. I have to say, up until today, I don't think I have experienced it while doing "chores".

The key factor was, that none of the things I have accomplished to day were a) called chores, by me or anyone else and b) they were not looked at as chores. The tasks almost completed themselves without my doing anything, but I can say, I had to "be" a whole lot in those big expansive moments today. I have spoken of being while doing before. This comes close, but it goes a step further. It was being INSTEAD of doing - and still accomplishing what needed to be done today.

From the physical point of view, I should feel absolutely beat today. I have done strenuous work, which normally would require physical care afterwards. Perhaps it was the dip in the pool that helped me regenerate quicker than normal, or it was the energy field I was operating in, that allowed me to enjoy my tasks swiftly and efficiently without feeling the normal 3rd density drag on my physical body's muscles.

As I said before, I have experiences like these when I'm being in the creative flow. When I'm painting or composing music. The body is involved, but my awareness is on the task at hand, I literally become that which I am aware of doing, hence I AM that which is being done and the "doing" happens effortlessly. With this sort of awareness, anything is possible and nothing is a drag. I have a sneaky feeling that I've just skimmed the surface of much more fun stuff that will become a normal experience quite soon.

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