Sunday, July 10, 2011

Maintaining Inner Balance

In every massive transformation process resides the challenge to maintain one's balance in the midst of chaos. The world is in chaos. There are pockets of seeming order, there are moments of sheer bliss. Yet overall, things are going haywire everywhere. People are hanging on to their routines, even when the attachment to them is utterly useless. It gives a sense of order.

The Earth herself is going through incredible changes right now and even though climate zones seem perhaps just a bit "out of the ordinary", earthquakes a little more than usual, we cannot stop our understanding that Mother Earth is birthing herself into a higher frequency. Solar flares and radiation are catalysts, for those who have already worked on raising their own personal frequencies they pose no threat. Instead, they pound and envelop the planet in quicker and quicker waves which are similar to the contractions in a birthing process. It is ok, that's the way it is all supposed to be, my helpers assure me. One could easily fall into the place of fear. There are obviously so many unknowns, there are at least an equal amount of differing opinions and I'm not really here to add mine. What I do know is that any person in the room with the mother who is about to give birth is keenly registered by the mother. His or her emotional state, the amount of balance and equanimity that that person emanates is very important to the well-being of the mother.

I see many of us not just as witnesses to this birthing process, but as some sort of doulas, if not midwifes. We are in the birthing room and the absolutely highest requirement is to have enough respect for the mother to maintain one's inner balance, if not for ourselves (ultimately we learn to do this, therefore we also benefit from this), then at least for our Earth Mother. It is so extremely important that those of us who are aware of our energies, maintain the equilibrium as often and as long as is possible.

If you find yourself swaying from that center point of balance, it is your responsibility to do whatever works for you to get back to the center point which is based in the higher heart chakra. (Music, meditation, intent, yoga, tai-chi...etc just to name a few of the available methods). The Earth will have a much easier birth if she doesn't have to deal with the erratic energies of those who are meant to assist this birth. It's the least we can do for her.

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