Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dreaming of Something Smooth

It has been a while since I've wondered about my reality. Today, I'm wondering again quite heavily. It seems that it is still not what the mainstream reality tells me it should be. Heck, it's not even congruent with the shared reality many so called Lightworkers have. I notice again and again that some are really bent on putting a futuristic emphasis on disaster, survival modes and ET invasion. In my reality, there just isn't any of that dramatic stuff. Is it that I'm too boring and can't create such upheaval or is it simply that my visioning powers surpass that of others? I don't really know and don't think it matters that much, but at the rate this is going, there are going to be quite a few realities that are going to play out. I do hope there are a few more folks, other than myself who care to see Mother Earth ascend nicely, smoothly and settle into the heart based vibration without too much ado.

Could it not be that instead of having to fear the breakdown of every infrastructure and the chaos that would result from such a scenario, we're going to experience more and more heart based folks, little communities popping up, people helping each other out, money not being the sole or main motivating force, but love ?

Could it not be, that instead of fighting against the "evils of the 3rd dimension" like money, greed, corporate power etc, we find heart based hubs (local communities) simply ignoring but accepting these "evils" as an expression of a denser frequency, lovingly, peacefully focusing on their group, networking with other groups and bringing about the meaning of true creativity and passion?

Could it not be, that instead of the big scale revolution with fire, destruction, deaths and sorrow, we will experience peace, collaboration, unity and tolerance as well as joy in diversity?

I could enlarge this list, but I think you get the drift here. Is my reality, my vision of the transition into 5D so surreal? Can we just be stubborn enough to think and intend our way into a peaceful society without first having to demolish what had sort of worked in the lower density? I would certainly hope so, as I apply my own stubborn nature and insist in my own mind, that I will experience none of the apocalyptic destruction, but see survival based in the hearts and innate goodwill of mankind, in which I still believe.

Call me a fool, call me a dreamer, but isn't it worth dreaming up something smooth and fuzzy, rather than something warlike and devastating? I believe that it is.

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