Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Crystal Grid

There is quite a bit written about the Crystal Grid - At first, the magnetic grid around the planet was being mentioned, that was back in the early 90s I believe. The magnetic grid has to do with the planetary alignment in space and in relation to the other planets. It is vital for the planet and each planet has a magnetic grid. Overlaying this magnetic grid is something that is entitled crystal grid. It's crystal in frequency, i.e. the grid has the properties of quartz crystal in the sense that it is highly conductive and one of the features is that it amplifies energetic impulses.

If one tunes into the crystal grid, an increase in consciousness can be gained, for the amplifying qualities will make it so that the consciousness that tunes in gets amplified. Simple really.

The crystal grid has been knitted and implemented overlaying the magnetic grid and it corresponds to and works with the global consciousness that exists on Earth at present time. It's implementation in the current form has been achieved in the year 2002 and ever since, the grid has been working on increasing mass consciousness in line and speed with the planetary increase in vibratory frequency, which is also called "ascension".

The crystal grid is available for anyone who has enough consciousness to tune into its matrix. If you encounter a website that asks for money so that you may connect, know that it is bogus. There cannot be any trade flourishing with the energies of the crystal grid. I am sorry to say, but any person who pays to access it has been fooled and that's their free will choice.

Access to the grid is easy. One has to have a heart based consciousness and the simple desire to connect directly with the crystal grid. Visualization helps, but actual connection will happen if the frequency of your consciousness is love based. Emotions such as greed, fear, hate etc will lower your frequency to a point where the access to the grid is not possible, simply because it fades out of existence in the lower frequency planes of reality.

If you attempt to lovingly connect with the crystal grid, you will be rewarded with a flush of energy and an increase in consciousness is the result of that connection, for as I said above, the grid will amplify that which it receives and send it back to you. So if you're feeling that you are anchored in your heart most days, you'll have a blast connecting to the grid. Such a connection has an energizing effect, can produce spontaneous healing of old wounds and issues on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and expand one's mind effortlessly. Astral travel happens quite frequently when meditating with the grid. If you feel you just cannot connect with the grid, then know that you may not be fully based in the heart chakra, may not fully be able to open yourself up to love just yet and I recommend you begin with some heart chakra cleansing work first, to create an always open, free flowing love energy to emanate and permeate your being and those around you.

Again, I would like to impart two very important things. The grid exists, but is ready to be experienced only in the higher frequencies. The grid is freely accessible to anyone who resides in the heart/love energy. The grid does not judge anyone, it's simply a matter of perception and inherent frequency.

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