Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Answer is Already There.

A young man (14) has asked this question:  "Why are we born?" Considering the source of this question, I find it  is one of purity. I sense that he has a very good heart, keen intellect and a desire to learn. Given this purity, I cannot just say: "we are born to learn", although that may be the pat answer for our human existence. Learning, if it isn't the primary goal or motivator for taking human form, is most definitely an invaluable side effect.

It is said that whoever can ask a question, carries the answer already within. It is this sort of question that drives a soul onto a spiritual quest. Most likely, this quest will lead one to the inevitable further questions, to which all answers are already available. There  are so many different humans, in a body, having been born here that I cannot truly say: "this is why we are born". The motivators, the triggers to start a new life are as varied as there are different soul sparks. It isn't hence an easy question to answer, as there are many possible answers.

What I can answer though is, as I stated above, every answer is already present, if the question can be formulated in one's mind, we also carry within the answer to our question. This is the answer to the question - this is the answer to any question that may ever come up. The answer is already there. Now where would that answer be? Where is "there"? That too is different for every individual. Some sense it in their gut, others hear it through their inner hearing, there are many ways to perceive the answer that is already there. It's possibly one of the reasons why we are born, in and of itself ! To be challenged to find that (those) answer(s) within. There is no place "out there" that could know the answer to our innermost personal questions. There can be guides along the way, most certainly. There are guides that prod and push us along our path when we get complacent enough to stagnate.

I have come up with a variety of answers to the very same question this young man asked me, but I am very hesitant to suggest my answers would match his. I don't think they would. Perhaps they might in the very core boil down to something that we have in common. But even that isn't a certainty. One thing is very certain though. For someone this young to ponder such a deep question is a sign of a very awake, curious soul. If this young man continues to ask the pertinent questions during his life, he will no doubt stay true to the path his soul has chosen for this life time. I wish him well on his very own journey - may joy, surprises and epiphanies be plentiful and answers reveal themselves in divine timing.

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