Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Staying in the Love

The mind is a funny thing. Depending on the influences of whatever energies we are surrounded by, it interprets and throws up dramatic scenarios. It makes us believe that we're not ready for what is to come. It wrecks such havoc at times, that we create new realities on the spot. It tells us that we need to keep an open mind, to take it all in, to see all angles and although I find that admirable and rather generous of our "minds", I see that it is but a ruse. There are a number of emotional reactions that ensue when the mind does it's tricks. It can be exhilarating, ego-stroking, a sense of intellectual brilliance, it can also be the opposite, states of fear, paranoia and deep insecurity. Frankly, everything in between these two extremes can be felt as well.

It isn't by accident that the wisdom traditions of old have told us for millennia now to "still the mind". Yes, we ought to really sit down and still that mind of ours by now. In my experience, the mind is but a tool, just like the ego is but a tool, the personality is but a tool. Even the emotions are but tools, as is the physical body a tool to experience and live through this physical existence. All tools are necessary, or they wouldn't have been part of the Divine plan. All tools can be honored and respected. But to see them as anything other than tools is to miss out on a really simple truth. It is our ability to love and stay in the heart that is the experience of our true selves. Yes, it has gotten a few labels "Higher Self", "Divine Self" - etc. It's in the heart that our essence resides and speakers of eternal truths and wisdom traditions have always come back to this simple fact - "The Heart is where it's at." They have used many images to impart this message. They have given this simplicity labels, stories and names and they are all equally valid, for they allow the focus on our own ability to love.

When we are able to receive and give love, unconditionally (really! NO strings attached, NO expectations for anything to result from this loving), then we are exactly where we need to be. We are then outside of the reaches of the mind, which creates fear most often. We are then in synch with who we truly are and to each person, this experience is personal, individual. It cannot truly be named or explained, least of all compared. One can know this experience freely, spontaneously and repeatedly, as often as one chooses. It is in fact a conscious choice to reside in that space, that gets you there. It isn't a "foreign" place. We've come with it and it's ours to claim.

Once there, things become very quiet, simple, yet expansive. The need for many mind based acrobatics just falls away. That doesn't mean we will dismiss our brilliant minds - no, not at all. It means we will use our minds to figure out things, yet reside in our heart when it comes to actually doing the things we do or while interacting with others.

The energies of these last few days has propelled many minds into what feels like "overdrive" for me. Hypothesis have popped up, doomsday scenarios are being thrown about. We are "warned" to do this, to get ready for that, we are admonished to keep an open mind, to keep studying everything etc. I see that there are many minds out there, reeling with the increase in energy, trying to keep control over this increase in frequency. The key is to surrender that control to the heart. The heart has a way to "control" things without controlling. Naturally, easily and beautifully. All we have to do is trust the process and stay "in the Love".

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