Friday, March 25, 2011

The Syncronicities within Now

Yesterday, I spoke of the "natural state of being". I still believe that aligning ourselves with our true essence will bring us into that space. Navigating the now may be a scary thing if we're used to making plans (How to make God laugh? - make a plan!), getting everything lined up perfectly, having control over our day. Yes, of course, that was all well and wonderful and it did help us out for decades, didn't it? How can we possibly begin to float, be in limbo, not have a plan? How can we experience the now and still do everything that we need to do?

The trick is to let go of any preconceived idea what this "need to do" thing is. For when we let go of the plan for today, we will know intuitively where we need to be and when. We will find that the universe too finds it important that the kids are showing up at their soccer practice or school or what have you. We will have had that intuition that nudges us to shout: "kids, get ready, we're going to...."

The universe finds it important that you make all your appointment, except those that are not really necessary for your further growth. Yes, I've missed appointments that I on hindsight, felt intuitively I didn't want to go to. In the past I had made myself go to such appointments and each and every time I would end up regretting it. Not that it would have been the end of the world to go there anyways, but it was most definitely not what I had hoped it would be and what I intuitively knew it would not be.

Being in the now puts us thus in contact with what needs to happen in our lives. Very automatically, very effortlessly. Not only do we get everything done, when we follow the first impulse to do something, in blind trust at first, and then in the trust of the seasoned traveler of the now, we also get things done that others need us to do - automatically, without having to be asked for it. Things get found, forwarded, situations become simple and flowing, the whole web of interconnectedness is vibrating harmoniously and in flux. Everything happens at the right time, with the right person, etc. To be part of such a symphony of life means to exclude notions of seeming control (were we really ever in control?).

There is a semblance of control that comes when we are in flux with what needs to happen for reality to unfold, not just for us, but all others with whom we are connected directly and ultimately with everyone else with whom we are connected as well of course, but may not even know how the interaction plays out. It is ok to trust that everything truly is as it is supposed to be. It is ok to be connected thus and to play one's very own instrument in the orchestra of life.

The (self-imposed)  burdens of having to hold tightly all the reigns in my life have lifted. It's a good place to be in the now, it's a wonderfully natural experience to witness the synchronicities of life light up like the lightshow accompanying the concert - quite a trip really.

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