Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Symphony of Ascension

With the latest news of the influences of the Solar flares, the magnetic storms and the massive fish deaths in California and Western Australia, I would like to express what the responses are that come from my heart.

It's pouring at the moment. Although for the State of Oregon in March, that's not unusual. It pours a lot. When I write "pour", I actually mean torrential downpours. It has been raining very hard during the night and the water keeps on pounding down. Big drops, very wet, lots of water. It feels different to me than in past years, where Winter/Spring rains might have poured down seemingly similar. There is an energetic quality to this rain that I can only describe as "it rains with a vengeance".

To top it off, I've experienced dizzy spells, difficulty remaining in the physical form, nausea and blinding headaches have registered on my "how am I doing"-meter - on and off. There is nothing wrong, I am not ill, it doesn't feel like a virus. The cells in my body are hit by new energy frequencies and are adjusting to these new energies. That's all. The Earth is in full blown work-out - around the globe, yet inside my heart there is a very calm place. This is what we have come to witness, this is the time we have been preparing for. There is no fear in that place in my heart. There is only love as I experience my energies, yes, those energies that are beyond the bit that is holding focus on this physcial body of mine. These energies, that essence of mine is busy, very busy. I get glimpses of that busy work it is doing. It has to do with holding a space, with creating balance within that space. It is in fact focused on the area where I reside. This is the reason why I am here. It isn't any of the other things that keep me living in the place where I live. Those are but the "garnish" on my plate.

I hold this space with eternal love. Love for a place where I have not been rooted in since childhood. Love for a place, seemingly at random, but when I look close, it's because I vibrate with it at a harmonious frequency (I resonate with it). There is love for the job, because I know (well my essence knows) how to do it. I do not have to sit and meditate, I fully trust that my essence is doing what it came to do. All is in perfect order. Everything is as it is supposed to be. This feeling is one of extreme peace and purposefulness at the same time. The lower self and the mind are quiet. They know (by now) that the goings on are way bigger than they can fathom. They are happy not to get too involved with the myriad of details. The mind plays a bit now and then, most of all when it catches a glimpse or two of the happenings "behind the scene".

I am quite certain that I am not alone in this kind of work. It involves the crystal grid of higher consciousness. It involves the magnetic grid of the Earth and it involves the weaving and knitting, directing and anchoring of these energies. Those of us who are doing this kind of work may not necessarily have an affinity to sacred geometry, quantum physics or anything fancy like that. It may instead be an ability to perceive energy, or simply an ability to crochet or knit (I'm not kidding), or perhaps the innate understanding of how to combine substances to create something that will nourish and feed another (yes cooking !)  and others yet, may experience their talents here as a sense of artful understanding of sound and color. What I'm trying to convey here is, the talents these workers have on the physical plane may not seem to be directly relevant to what the mind perceives this work behind the scenes would require. I find it best to rest in the knowledge that if this is your job, then your essence knows exactly what needs to be done and most likely has been doing it for a bunch of decades already.

There is nothing to fear, the teams are at work, each being doing exactly what its talent is, where its love creates the greatest good, thus bringing its contribution to the whole. There is no bit of work that is more important than the other. This great symphony of ascension could not be played if any one instrument wasn't playing its (necessary) tune.

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