Friday, March 4, 2011

Epiphanies, Experiences and Viewpoints

Light is a wondrous thing. Light as in opposition to darkness can be viewed between the energies of day and night. The names of light and darkness as I understand them, have been attributed to things that are experienced as "good and evil". While in the 3D paradigm, I have understood some beings to be "of the light" and others "of the darkness". I have experienced this in the true fashion of duality. There have been dark people, and there have been light people. The motives of the "dark" ones were not very altruistic and mostly self-serving, often violent and without regard to others. Mainly, they had to do with power, sometimes it was just to wreck havoc for sheer purpose of getting enjoyment out of the resulting chaos. The "light" ones in turn, had almost saint like qualities as I had perceived it. They were doing good, being led by compassion and selfless love.

This is my own personal experience from years ago, whilst, like everyone else around me, living in the dense frequencies of the 3rd dimension. It was normal to perceive things this way, perceive people this way. There were the good people and the bad people. I had my own share of being afraid of the bad ones and grateful for the good ones. Trickier still was the experience of those who appeared good, but had selfish motivations and ended up being less than good. (always viewed through the lens of 3D).

One of the blessings of the increase in frequency and the understanding of polarity I have learned since then, lies in the acceptance that there are neither good nor bad people. There are beings, yes. Some are still motivated by selfish desires and could still be called "evil" or "bad". But in essence, they hold the very same potential of light than do the good people hold potential for darkness. Darkness and Light are the very same energy, just one is found on one end of the spectrum, the other on the other end of the spectrum. Today, I experience darkness and light as different frequencies of energy vibration. Like the colors of the rainbow, so I perceive light and darkness as just being different perceivable frequencies of the very same essence (souls).

In the new paradigm of the 5th dimension, there simply isn't any judgment left between one or the other point of frequency. There is however still the observation of what is what and there is no harm in naming one's observation as best as it can be named. It is understandable that these observations, at times are understood in a way that they weren't meant. I have to trust though that all who visit my blog do so on their own volition and know that it is only about "Epiphanies, Experiences and Viewpoints" - to be specific, my very own, personal epiphanies, experiences and viewpoints.

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