Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let the Water Speak

Citizens of Earth: March 31st, 12 NOON (your timezone). "The Water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you." This is all it takes. Please say it aloud or in your mind 3 times as you put your hands together in a prayer position. Please offer your sincere prayer." -- Dr. Masaru Emoto

With a feeling that I have no news, that the main thing on the "to do list" has already been spread and linked through the various sharing platforms, all that remains is a bit of musing.

Dr. Masaru Emoto's calls himself a messenger of water and I believe that he is just that. His work is of immense value, for it shows visibly what influence our thoughts, emotions and energies have on water. So much on this planet contains water (perhaps that's why we're such an emotional bunch?). Dr. Emoto shows the key to healing of the whole biosphere, of all beings on it. It's a form of quantum healing. Everyone is capable of doing it. Of course it takes a desire to help, to be part of the change and a wee bit of time and focus. It is so simple, that we can decide to shrug it off. We can decide however to do the opposite, we can decide to take it seriously, to give it a shot, to do it even if there are no immediately verifiable results. We can trust that his work true and lend our power to the cause. We can decide to embrace the power our thoughts have and step consciously into the collective consciousness and affect a change for the better. We have that choice to make and to me it's a no-brainer.

Personally, I'm not a great follower of others or their causes. I have played the tune to my own dance for a long time, but when something as reasonable, as scientifically explainable and as effective as Dr. Emoto's call for a world wide healing prayer of water shows up on my horizon, I wholeheartedly join and give my thoughts, my energy, my heart to this cause.

In doing so, I experience gratitude. It is absolutely wonderful that I didn't have to "invent" this wheel. I am immensely grateful for Dr. Emoto that he took on the work, the discovery and provided visible proof and moreover, I find it so infinitely relaxing that I don't have to be a scientist to comprehend the beauty of healed water crystals compared to the image of diseased water.

With these words I would like to honor Dr. Emoto's work, his discoveries and at the same time I feel drawn to giving a pledge that I will be mindful of water whenever I see it in any form, I acknowledge water in the presence of every creature, not just in the drops of rain or the rivers, lakes and oceans. I will  lend my energy to sending it good thoughts, gratitude and unconditional love to water on a daily basis (there are plenty of encounters with water to last me a lifetime of this !) I pledge to go beyond the one time shot of an orchestrated event. I let this day of world wide prayer be but the beginning of a new way of looking at water, to a new way of thinking about it, to a new way of expressing love for all things, may the water in us all speak to the water everywhere, I know it does.

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