Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Keep Up the Good Work

There's a phenomenon that I encounter not only when it comes to "light working", but also my "other job" as a homeopath. It's an expectation of "miracles" to be the result of  this work.

I'm pretty sure it's a memory from beyond the veil that has lent itself as an imprint to say: "if you're doing something alternative, different from mainstream, it has to be perfect, it has to be that overwhelmingly visible and recognizable instant miracle." Yes, things are quite instant on the other side and so has been my inner make up. Is it truly ok, that the results from our work in Japan are (appearing to be) less than a miracle? (is it truly less than a miracle?)

Well, who's to decide what a miracle is and who's to measure our work? It is literally immeasurable with the current scientific methods/instruments and therefore it cannot be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to even have a slight influence on the outcome in the events in Japan. Considering my state of weariness, which borders at times on energetic exhaustion, I have to say, something IS going on. I'm expending, stretching and using energy at a rate like I've never done before in this life. Seems like all that I've done before was a walk in the park. Kids' play! Now, however, there is a sense to be put to the test. I'm in this, I'm exactly in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. There is an incredible sense of appropriateness with it all. Yet, the influence the light work in Japan has, is not going to be measured and mentioned only among us "crazies" who work this way.

I'm going to be bold and put it out there - an assumption really, but based on what I see and feel from Japan -  I believe our incessant work in holding the light, pouring out compassion and love to the people who are suffering is making a tremendous difference. The one measurable thing is the radioactive fallout from the nuclear power plant. Energetically I've seen that many souls are helping this situation and the bravery of the plant workers who work around the clock physically there, exposing themselves to incredible threats, is simply outstanding. The various jobs aren't done yet and we can't really say whether or not there are going to be worse outcomes still. Fact is, despite the looming threat, radioactive fallout has been relatively minimal considering what it could have been. It's ultimately a combination of all things that bring about a final result, but to think that the light work had no influence whatsoever is unfathomable for me.

True light houses that we are, we keep shining the light, despite lack of recognition, praise or acknowledgment of the impact our work has on this situation. We may endure overt questioning of this and most definitely silent or outspoken disbelief. That is all incredibly unimportant. It isn't about proving what we do, it's about doing what we do and ever consciously so. In that light I wish to greet all who are part of the "light team", hard at work, day and night, transforming grief of the people who are suffering by crying their tears, transforming fear into love, keeping the reactors contained as tightly as possible and spreading the energy of hope and faith throughout. Keep up the good work!

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