Saturday, March 12, 2011

Group Consciousness in the Story of Duality

During my experiences and lessons learned, my frolicking and enjoyment on Earth, I've been facing a sense of unease that has accompanied me all my life. It is the unease to navigate within matter. It is the unease to possess material things. The unease when encountering the world's most prevalent societal beliefs of greed and materialism.

Oh, there's no denying it, I've enjoyed material things. I've bought stuff and I've enjoyed some of the fun things money can buy. It has never truly been something that manifested very easily in my life, the set up for this incarnation was pre-ordained and I am most grateful for having had the opportunities I had to live a wonderful life until now. There are no complaints. Yet, the unease is still there. If something is with me for most of my life, I've got to figure out what that is. Such are the resonances within myself. After some pondering and deep meditations I've come to receive the following information, a story that is of course colored by my own consciousness and conditioning. (Please take only what resonates and leave the rest)

At the beginning of the descent into the experience of duality (most likely quite a long time ago!), There was a split up. I am being shown the symbols of the sun and the symbol of the moon. There is a sensation of a divine decision that has been made at that moment and the two groups that I sense to be brotherhoods, split up after having worked together in harmony and unity before. At the moment of split up into two, the group of the sun decided to put emphasis on the material things, the building of things, the understanding and manipulation of that which matter is made of. The group of the moon decided to keep their emphasis on the matters of spirit. Thus these two groups focused on what they had chosen to focus on. Over time, both went deeper and deeper into their chosen focus and created an ever deeper sense of separation, of duality. At the peak of this sense of separation and duality, there were horrible clashes, wars, fights, as sun fought moon and moon fought sun. Slowly, again over long periods of time, souls incarnated time and time again, some with the inclination of the group of the sun and the others with the inclination of the group of the moon. Energy, when a peak is reached, will turn around and move into the opposite direction as is described in Sir Newton's 3rd law: Action and Reaction are Equal and Opposite. And based on this natural law, at the peak and depth of the experience of duality, the long, drawn out journey away from the experience of separation towards unity began. The myriad of experiences along the way served as gifts for the whole of Creation and bring an even greater understanding of itself.

This story hasn't played out fully yet, as we are still incarnating with our affinity to either of the two groups. It is in this group consciousness that we have experienced our lives, some on one side, some on the other, all within the divine plan. Excitement is in my heart to know that humanity, all souls present today are in the last steps away from separation towards unity. The understanding I have reached through this story, this metaphor, is that when we feel the resonance, the affinity, either to the material side of things, building things etc, or the more spiritual side of things, that it is the resonance with the brotherhood we belong to. In order to reach this place of unity that we have in our blueprint, it is indeed time now to bring into our hearts the understanding that "the other side" is equally part of us. That once we have worked in harmonious unity and that the dive into duality was but the playing out of a creative divine idea.

We speak of "there is no separation" and that is true. In actuality there is no separation. Yet, this affinity with the group consciousness is there and it needs transcended for the truth in the word to become the experience within, to then manifest as an experience without.

I have pondered on how to bring about this experience of unity within, of how to relish and divinely embrace matter and material things as much as the spiritual things, as my personal affinity lies with the brotherhood of the moon. It is a sense of "fear of corruption" that lies at the base of my unease with the material world. In my heart of hearts I know without a doubt that nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing will ever corrupt me. My foundation in the spiritual side is as strong as it has ever been. I do not even feel this fear to be real, yet it has been shown to me and I can sense the unease still when it comes to "making money" or "trying to move within the physical world of matter", the world of energy being much more accessible for me. This "fear of corruption", so I sense, is nothing other than the experience of the group consciousness of the brotherhood of the moon. (I do not know nor understand from this point of view, what could be at the base of the group consciousness of the brotherhood of the sun - that is for others to tell - it is but a guess, but it could be the very same sense of "fear of corruption"). Since we have entered this last phase, moving ever faster away from the concepts and experience of duality towards the experience of unity, I believe it to be time to remember the harmonious unity with the brotherhood of the sun. To hold that balance and unity in our hearts, as real and whole. To achieve that I refrain from going about it from through a concept of duality, duality by pushing away the brotherhood of the moon now and declaring my affinity to the brotherhood of the sun to "balance out the opposites".

Instead, I feel very distinctly, that I am to embark to consciously embrace, love and accept the brotherhood of the sun into my heart, hold both sun and moon in my heart as a whole, neither carrying more importance than the other. Thus I have the option to experience both brotherhoods and their group consciousness as balanced (yin/yang) feminine (moon) and masculine (sun) energies in my heart and personal consciousness.
By doing so, I balance out both attributes and create the experience of unity. In this unity, there is no corruption of either side. There is no fear, there is only celebration of a journey coming to its close.

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