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The Direction of Cure Towards Unity Consciousness

In Homeopathy, we recognize Hering's Law of Direction of Cure as follows: (Source: )

Hering's Law of Cure:

The 5 directions that Dr. Hering observed were that cure occurred from above, downwards; within, outwards; center to periphery; from more important to less important organs, in the chronologically reverse order of disease development (Appendix 1).
A Law speaks of a recurrent pattern that exists in Nature. With a thorough conceptual understanding of these patterns and conditions necessary to fulfill or violate them, one uses the law with hindsight in the various clinical decisions of remedy choice or change, as well as posology. Often this is not a conscious application, but an intuitive guide after achieving adequate conceptual training of the patterns of cure, supported by clinical experience. And we must ever remember that Law does not recognize exceptions.


At the base of my understanding for the development of the ascension process lies this law of cure. The world has for whatever reason propelled itself into an imbalanced state of duality, away from the balanced state of unity. In this field the delusion of separation was one of the symptoms of this imbalance. Now, the times herald that we are moving back to a state of balance (unity) and the question arises: "What will it look like, what will happen?"

I do not know the details nor can I give a direct final answer to these questions, but I can assume that this natural law of cure applies here as well as anywhere in nature and I will be curious to see if it holds true. There have been certain patterns that have been noticed, that instead of unity consciousness, there seems to be a formation of group consciousness. In our desire to see immediate results of unity, we may be disappointed to see this development, but if we look at this development through the lens of "symptoms disappearing in reverse order of their appearance" it may just be so that in the beginning before the world as we know it had reached the climax of deepest duality and delusion of separation, there was the pristine state of unity, which possibly (supported by today's occurrence of group consciousness) began it's "descent" into the delusion of separation by moving from unity consciousness into group consciousness to arrive finally at the point of individual consciousness. As people move through their own processes of ascension, they may find themselves able to relate/resonate with certain groups but not others. I see this as a natural progression (reverse order) back to the state of unity consciousness.

Why then, I ask myself, are there so many different ideas as to how this ascension will unfold? I have a theory about this and that is that souls have entered this Earthly experience at different stages. Their first Earth experience may have been at the level of unity consciousness and they have come back to Earth over and over again throughout the ages to experience it all. For them, this view of reverse order of symptoms may work like a charm, for in their essence there lies the memory of the various steps (symptoms) that occurred while the Earth dove deeper and deeper into the delusion of separation. Others may have joined the ride at different stages and stuck with it from there on out. The would mean their individual memories in their essence does not hold every symptom that appeared and thus, there may be bewilderment if an "old symptom" appears that they have not experienced coming in. Thus, many different views and expectations of how the return to balance, to unity consciousness will unfold.

I am trained to be one thing as a homeopath and that is an "unprejudiced observer". In that light, I believe it to be possibly the easiest way to see it all unfold and while doing so, learning or refreshing our memory of how it was on the way into the delusion of separation. This observation ought to happen without a preconceived idea, the same way a homeopath would observe the patient's symptoms reappear briefly and then disappear in reverse order, fully knowing that he/she is on his way to cure (balance) and in that knowledge there is peace and the ability to be patient.

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