Friday, March 11, 2011

Honoring Mother Earth and Japan

Sparked by the news of the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I have taken my meditation to Mother Earth. The overwhelming sense was one of: "Everything is in Divine Order". I have sat in meditation quite a long time, it's balmy outside, the blossoms on the trees have emerged and the birds were giving their song. In this calm setting, I realized very soon, that in my meditation, I was linked not only with Mother Earth and all of nature, but also with a great number of awakened souls who have joined energetically to bring balance and light to this dramatic event today. It was easy to add my own light to the existing wave of light that embraces and surrounds the whole globe.

At the same time, the individual tragedies of today's shift are touching my heart. I have an overwhelming wish to hold all of them in my heart, with unconditional love. There is no expectation whatsoever in this love, not even one of "be well". It is the moment, when honor and respect for those who are in midst of the chaos overrides any and all purpose, desire or expectation for a specific outcome. To tap into this vast energy of explicitly unconditional love that has no purpose, no plan, no direction is a form of healing for each individual as well as the planet. The sense of unity and unconditionality can then create the basis for the emergence of a new paradigm of thought and the creation of a new reality that is based upon this new paradigm. Disasters can divide us or bring us closer together. I choose freely, I choose to I follow my heart into states of permanent unity, the natural state of my being.

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