Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love Thy Enemy (unconditionally)

Fear drives people to many actions that are seemingly irrational. One thing that has come into my field of experience is that when fear dims one's light, the light of someone centered in love may become too strong for them to feel comfortable in that environment. One possible reaction of the fearful person would be to create a diversion, to go on the attack. To start silly arguments, to begin wrapping the person centered in love into a story, a drama that will bring their energy frequency to a lower vibration, one that is easier to "bear" by the person who has not transcended irrational fear yet.

In the past, I felt drawn to protecting myself in incidents when I was encountering such behavior. I've created shields, I've recited mantras, I've listened to spiritual music, I've added another hour of meditation, just not to "lose" my focus, my center. I was wobbly in my resolve to say the least. Duality caused me to experience this flux from "in the love" and "back out of the love". Today, I know that those attempts were quite admiral, for I understood on some level, that I needed to stay in my center, needed to be steadfast with what I felt was "right" for me. I now understand however, that these attempts all belong into the paradigm of duality. With one swoop, by stepping out of duality, one gathers the simple truth that there is no real enemy. The true meaning of unity or "all is one" begins to enter consciousness and with it comes automatically unconditional love and compassion.

If we are facing stories like "the Illuminati have attacked Japan by means of earthquake", it may trigger fear. Frankly, I don't even find it important to know whether that story is true or false, it matters very little. If we are listening to news casting that is less than factual and plays dramatically to increase fear in peoples hearts, we have what is perceived as the "other side" by those residing in duality consciousness, that is trying to dim the increasing light that has erupted from so many hearts simultaneously and which has and continues to be poured out to Japan and the entire world. Understanding the duality paradigm, it is absolutely natural to see a counter-reaction to this amount of sudden light spread all over the globe and it shouldn't surprise us at all.

I've pondered this phenomenon and wondered how to go about it. I've come to this conclusion: Anyone can say whatever they wish. Any news story can try to elicit as much fear in people as it wants to. Every drama can erupt around me, in order to try to tell me I'm wrong, they're right. It's ok, really it is. I can love each and every one of the individuals who bring us these stories, I can love every one who is an "illuminati" or any other denomination that is associated with "the dark side". I can love everything, each atom of this creation (even the split atoms in the reactors) UNCONDITIONALLY, which means I am detaching completely from any condition of my action of loving. There is no more sense of "if I love the world, I will get rid of fear". There is only one condition I give myself to act upon and that is to drop any and all expectation of outcome, effectiveness, affect etc my love has on anything. This has to be absolute. In that I will just be here, continue to be a beacon of love, do what is before me because if it is before me, I have what it takes to deal with it, and most of all, completely trust the source of this unconditional love.

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