Monday, March 14, 2011

We Are the Ones we Have Been Waiting For

"We are the ones we've been waiting for!"

This slogan has circulated quite a while back. I find it very fitting today in the light of the recent disasters. There has been prophesy that earthquakes, volcano eruptions, storms, cyclones etc are going to hit the world. We look around and see that indeed "the end times" have begun. (In no way shape or form do I hold the idea that it is the end of the world, but merely an end of a cycle (of development)).

The time that we have opted to be incarnated in is here. I have waited for a very long time myself, wondering when my actual assignment, you know the one I had prepared myself for, for so long. I have wished for this day when my assignment would "kick in" and I would feel the "call of duty" or better yet, the "call of purpose". It is here - now. This is the time I've come to witness and work in, in my line of work. In my way - and I see that many others have gotten their "notice of deployment" as well. The reason why this call to do my duty has resonated within me right now is that my abilities, my line of work beyond the veil, is indeed exactly what is needed at this very moment. Translated into the greater perspective, I would say, whatever we are facing, whatever the people of the world are going through, they are going through it because they have what it takes to get through it.

A fine example was the incredible energy outpouring of Australians and New Zealanders, supported by those in other parts of the globe, who felt drawn to help out even if they did not reside in those geographic areas, when the Queensland floods hit and a cyclone threatened major destruction to top it off. The projected path  of the cyclone was altered. That, so I fully believe, was the action of many light workers who worked from their own homes, by energetically lending their light and their love for humanity and Mother Earth created the necessary electro-magnetic forces to work the "miracle", which isn't really a total miracle if one has the scientific knowledge to explain it all.

In the same manner, with all due respect and not to minimize the actual suffering in Japan,  the people of Japan are equipped, prepared and capable of handling this latest disaster in admirable fashion. Again, the outpouring of light (electro-magnetic energy) from lightworkers around the globe is assisting and stabilizing, creating a field of strength, a sense of brotherhood and healing for the people in the affected areas. Furthermore, in line with the paradigm that thoughts do indeed create realities, those drawn to work energetically are creating a reality that is for the highest good of all involved. Humans are empathic creatures. We are all interconnected. These selfless efforts "behind the scenes" without the glory of being recognized individually, will have a positive effect. It isn't going to be "business as usual" afterwards. Profound changes can come from times like these and I believe that everything is exactly how it is supposed to be, to give us the opportunity to truly be the ones we've been waiting for.

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