Sunday, March 27, 2011

Letting Go by Integration

As we experience our own journeys, our own awakening, we may gravitate to those who are experiencing the same thing. It gives us comfort to know that we are not alone. It is a perfectly natural thing to gather one's energy and move toward a group, where things resonate. That motion, that move out of isolation and separation into the energy of a group is so natural to the soul energy, that we simply cannot do without. True, there have been hermit life styles which have brought great enlightenment to the individual and also the world, but sooner or later, as a human being, there is always that draw back "into the fold". We can sense that there is greater flow of energy when we are not alone. We can feel safe and supported and perceived burdens can be shared. Joy can be augmented by sharing as well. Yet, in that grouping, in that drawing towards each other in groups, there is the potential for identifying with one group, then coming to think that what that one group experiences is "THE" way to go about life, to go about awakening to the truths of the universe.

We can pay lip service and understand mentally, that this approach is flawed and furthers nothing more than the illusion of separation, but can we truly transcend our own group affinity in order to integrate the disillusionment and thus move out of a state of continued sense of separation into a state of greater unity until at some point, the illusion falls away altogether?

Since we have navigated in the physical experience of "this or that" we have grown very accustomed to perceiving things thus. This OR that. One way of healing this attachment to this or that, is to heal the seed of separation within. We can mentally embrace and even gain some understanding that it is not "this or that" but "this AND that", but can we truly claim, that every cell, every tiny particle of our bodies, our being, our consciousness has moved beyond the illusion of separation?

I am in doubt over how thoroughly this has been achieved at this point. I do not know. I doubt my own achievements on a daily basis. I feel the need to be certain. Yet, in my innermost sense, I understand that in letting go even of that need of certainty, I can relax into doing what lies before me. I can relax and understand that every single person is doing exactly what is before them, nothing more, nothing less. I can see, that for some this is very basic ground work, for others, it's soaring flight. There cannot be judgment, there can only be rejoicing in the perfection of everything that is as it is supposed to be.

We may get upset at the groups that call themselves names such as "illuminati", or "bankers", or "politicians" or "the elite" etc. We can really get riled up and draw up fear-filled conspiracies of the darkest sort. All this will only serve one purpose. To see whether we are still in the illusion of separation. If we perceive these other groups (and they can be just the group of neighbors partying loudly, drinking loads of beer and dancing to different music than what I would choose) as "outside" of ourselves then we can be certain that the attachment to viewing things in separation is alive and well. We can get upset over other groups, we can also just love other groups, in the sense that "if I send them love, they'll come to see the light". Well, even that good deed is one that will accentuate separation and give energy to that paradigm (an action which is of course allowed).

The letting go process is one of consciously letting go of any and all ideas of separation. This is achieved by integrating everything, every little detail into one's heart. We can condition ourselves to stop judging and find our minds to discern this from that, just as easily, perhaps without the biting judgment. In love, we discern, right? Yes, that's one step alright. Another step is to recognize, discern, yet integrate the totality of both sides into my heart. I can do this by loving these other groups, the "opposite" point of the pair unconditionally. I am that too. I am all that is. I am the good and the bad. I am this and that. There is no aversion against darkness, there is no desire for light. There is unconditional love (and I take it away from the term "light"). There is no love and light. There is only unconditional love and beware, for any predicted or desired outcome your spreading of unconditional love may have will render it conditional. It truly is the dance of letting go by integration - unconditionally, meaning there cannot be any condition on any outcome. I love thus, unconditionally, flying blindly, in full trust, trust in myself, for if I am all that is, all that is can come through me. All is One.

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