Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eternal Grace

I see humanity as a huge community of souls who have come to learn and develop. There is no doubt in my heart that there are souls in different stages of development. This has been termed "soul age" in some places. I do not fully agree with that, since time is non-existent where souls reside. However,  the descriptive term of "stage of development" fits what I am able to see better than "age".

There is absolutely no judgment in where a soul's development is at. There is an incredible amount of patience and compassion that floods through me, when I see souls who are so utterly curious and bent on learning that they challenge everything left and right. I have memories of having been that zealous myself and it is all allowed. The learning environment of the physical experience in a dense body on Earth is considered one of the "toughest" possibilities for learning, but ultimately, I perceive the rewards and satisfaction that can come from this type of learning.

It pains me to see that responses other than patience and compassion towards younger souls, who just want to know, can be seen, but then I have patience and compassion for those responses as well, as I too have reacted that way, even in this life. What does it mean when a soul who is in a very early stage of development seems to challenge everything that is known, tried and true to those of a later stage of development? In my view, it means that they are hungry, very very hungry to learn more, as quickly as possible, however sometimes lacking the attention span or ability to absorb fully that which they seek to learn so earnestly.

Since we are still in the grasp of the concepts of duality, there is an ever present possibility of being misunderstood. Stages of soul development can be recognized but should never be the basis for judgment. One would not judge a preschooler compared to a college student (or the other way around).  It's not a comparison that should be made in a judgmental way. If anything, to me, the image of a group of preschoolers is infinitely more charming than a group of college students - they are just utterly cute! In that light, I wish to applaud all the very courageous souls who are currently in their early stages of development. Hug them with huge angel-wings and unconditional love. Reassure them that everything will be alright, even if it does not look that way at times and let them know that they are never alone and that nothing will be expected of them that they cannot do or know just yet - such is the eternal grace of the Source.

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