Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just a Point of Perception

I'm extremely certain that everyone's experience of the 5D reality is different from mine. All I have to share is how I perceive it to be. Do I know for certain if this is the 5th dimension I'm experiencing? No, I don't know for certain, it could be anything. I have written in the language of the categories that are "en vogue" and that we have seemingly agreed upon, 3rd dimension, 4th dimension, 5th dimension - etc. To me these are but markers along the way, something that helps me differentiate one state from another. I have used these terms however without really being sure what they denote for others. I have used them to label my own states of experience which I do not even know whether they are indeed 3rd or 5th dimension.... or any other number for that matter.

I see this as an accepted/acceptable "flaw" in giving accounts of one's experiences which are so subjective, so volatile. There is no proof that my experience is really that which I say. I have to trust that for one or the other, it will resonate. If it doesn't, well, that's most certainly ok too.

Until age 14 I have lived in a "fantasy world". A world where communication with other realms was an everyday occurrence. I've bumped into very dense, physical walls, doorways, fell over many thresholds in our home, got more cuts and bruises than I care to admit. I have bad vision this life time, mainly because I have looked within and not without. The world around me was very blurry for a long time, until only at age 10, it was spotted that I needed glasses to "correct" my vision. That's all well and wonderful. I do remember that sense of wonder when I realized that one could actually make out single blades of grass from a distance - something that was entirely new for me. I was awestruck!

The world I had within was one of full denial of certain things that were happening in that "outside" world that was only now and then popping into my view and experience. It was as if they didn't really happen. That "real" world was the dream for me. I am pretty certain, a psychologist would find a diagnosis for me, along the lines of dissociation perhaps. It doesn't really matter. What matters is that I remember distinctly a sensation of timelessness, an expansion of NOW. I remember contact with beings beyond the veil, I remember and still am capable of viewing any life time that mattered or was directly related to an experience I had in this life time. It was so natural that it came as a great shock to learn that I was different that way.

Many of my ESP "talents" were very much alive in that "fantasy world" of mine. (They never totally vanished).
The rude awakening came at age 14 when I was thrust into "reality" and I began to live the 3D way. I have dived totally into that frequency for a number of years before clambering back out of it again. That was my journey to acquire enough knowledge to be able to tell the difference of experience.

Today, my life is a bit of a "fantasy world" still - or again. I live in the now. I continuously forget what was just a short while ago, unless i consciously focus on whatever I need to "remember". I live in the flow of what is before me, it works very well and I'm rarely (if ever) late to any of my "appointments". I simply know when to be where and am usually there without stress. What appears to an outsider a life that resembles "reality" only at the fringes, to me is very much MY reality and it looks not much different from the reality I was living in as a child.

My point of perception has its center in the now, it's not a linear sort of perception that has a continuum in time. It is more of a zoom-in/zoom-out sort of perception, I zoom into a place where I wish to focus, gather or experience what is there and then zoom back out into my point of residence. This goes 360° circular and if I look closely, it's spherical in shape, so it's got depth as well, i can go up down in any angle, left right, round and round. I am not even certain if a sphere is not too much limitation on this "image" which is just a guideline that comes to mind trying to describe this experience.

The center point where I experience my "residence" to be is my High Heart. While I reside here, I still perceive duality at play, but I do not engage in it as often as I used to whilst doing the teeter-totter experiencing of my reality (in 3D/4D). I perceive this duality, but I see also the interconnectedness of the pair. I see this as a specific energy"line" or signature. I am not caught on one end or the other any longer, I observe both sides at the same time. I also do not feel balancing of one side needs tampering with the other - all that is needed is to uphold balance from the heart, flowing out to either side at the same time. The whole idea of dual concepts are still understandable from this point of perception, they do get registered, yet they get understood as being what they are - concepts of duality. The understanding of this is a mere registering of a fact. There is no judgment about it.

This is but a glimpse of how I perceive my world. There is so much more, but I cannot detail it all out in just one blog post. If this is indeed living in 5D, I do not really know and frankly, it doesn't really matter what number is attributed to this point of perception and since coming from the experience of duality, a lower number has the connotation of "less than" and a higher number carries the energy of "more" or "better" - I would like to totally disengage from even guessing what number my dimension carries. It's my personal dimension, I'm sure there's others who have similar experiences, it's not better, not more special, not more noteworthy than any other experience. My motivation for sharing it is merely to add to the diversity of all that is.

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