Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Navigating by Resonance

Different frequencies of energy vibrations make up this world, all matter, all spirit, everything in between. Within all these frequencies, we live resonating with some things and not with others. For me it is the single most important feature to trying to understand the makings of what I perceive. In this form of thinking, there is no judgment. It's merely energy that I'm dealing with, in any case, in any situation. Resonance (defined as: In close or harmonious correspondence) is the marker, the guide so to speak.

On a daily basis, we are inundated, in correspondence, (harmoniously or not) with countless frequencies. It can get quite overwhelming once an awareness has been reached where these energies can be sensed as sensations or heard, or visually perceived. There is a need to focus and tune into some energies whilst blending out others. The physical brain is fully capable of doing that, but it does take some practice. Navigating within the seas of energies becomes an exercise in focus, focusing into a place by intent and then holding the focus there for the moment as it is wished or deemed necessary, then bringing the focus back into the energetic vibration of oneself.

Although we can argue that energy just is and all frequencies as well, there are instances where our own frequency just does not harmonize with that of another. That's allowed as well. It is what I call a "dissonance". It is possibly the one factor that makes some people like certain types of music, whereas others close their ears and quickly turn off that sound (if that's possible). The same goes for the fact that we do not feel particularly drawn to everybody in the same fashion. There are what is perceived in the physical realm "likes and dislikes". I prefer to term it "harmonious or less harmonious - to downright disharmonious frequencies meeting up".

As souls, we move in groups, incarnated and beyond the veil. This, so my suspicion, has also to do with the fact that we gravitate towards that which resonates. Often times, I read things that resonate strongly, or not at all. This I can experience in the sensation of "being drawn" to a topic, or a sense of "slight aversion". As I have worked with this resonance thing quite a bit, I've identified the energetic movement that lies behind these sensations and for me it's literally a sense of "being pulled towards or pushed away from". This sensation is  palpable. I have also made the experience that my own energy frequency draws others to me or pushes others away. I therefore assume, based on this repeated observation, that that which I draw to me is in resonance with my own frequency.

If I do not like that which I draw towards myself, I have an option to change my frequency. I can raise my vibration by deciding to experience love and gratitude, by exercising compassion and non-judgment towards others. I can do that by initiating positive emotions, by listening to suitable music, by observing beauty in art and nature and many other ways. By focusing on increasing the frequency I carry in such a manner, I will not risk attracting beings or energies that are in total disharmony.

Should energies of beings or things approach that are in dissonance with mine, I see it as my right to gently, but firmly set a boundary, remove myself from that connection and focus on my own energy frequency again. If I am deciding to focus on these dissonant energies, as I am sometimes drawn to, there may be the simple job of adding my unconditional love to a being or situation, which will change that frequency for a time. Usually, there is either a steadying of the increased frequency that can be witnessed, or the person/entity/being moves on to continue to play in their own vibrational frequency, which is equally not judged, only observed.

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