Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moving On

It's a day of reflection here. Letting the last year run review. It's been a full solar cycle since my last big "event" in my life and I see that I've navigated everything that came after pretty well. Yet, the grief over having to let go of some things a year ago is hanging in the air. I let it be there, it's all allowed.

At the same time, breathing in wonderfully mellow Spring air, seeing the blossoms out on the trees and the daffodils in full bloom, there's a sense of needing to move on. There are things unsaid, there are things not truly integrated, but I realize there will always be these loose ends, some here, some there. I treat myself with kindness if I let it be as it wants to unfold. It is kindness still, that I give myself, if I nudge myself to move on, however. It's no use to dwell on the things that were relevant a year ago. The time is now and in this now, there is nothing that needs to be done about the past.

Still, I acknowledge these faint stirrings from the past. They want to show me that it was an important time. I acknowledge that it was so and move back into the fold of the now, where I have in my High Heart created my new base. That base is where I can feel myself fully, in all that I am. That base is where I have anchored the energies of my Higher Self and from that base, I will navigate through the experience of group consciousness into unity consciousness, as it unfolds for me on my own path.

With this intent, I feel the remnants of the memories fade away, These memories, that have shown themselves like smoky wisps of energy tendrils, seductively trying to see whether I would go and dwell in their fold, and by doing so, I'd be pulling myself out of my High Heart into the experience of the realities of old. This time, however, I'm moving on in full acceptance of all that was, of all that is, of all that will be.

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