Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Understanding Unity

In my book, we've come into physical bodies in this time period to experience, to discern, to recognize this from that, by ways of polarity. Now, we're on our way out of polarity back to a way of understanding unity again. Some of us have not lost the connection and understanding of unity, but the polarity energies on Earth have this drive, that it makes us still look at things by comparing it to other things, it makes us look at states of consciousness and experiences very rightly so by showing us this and that. Eventually, the understanding dawns that it is really this AND that and that it's all the same, yet discernible still.

My mind has the ability to grasp bigger concepts. It has been trained from early on to accept the unseen, to bring in ways of lateral thinking that I do not even know if there is a label for it. There have been experiences of separation where my mind's gymnastics just would not fit into mainstream type of thinking. As a younger person, that was painful to experience, but today, I'm quite glad to have this funky way of processing things. One of my talents is to see the flaw in a concept. I've been termed pessimistic for it, even though that is not really my natural disposition. I've learned to keep the mentioning of the flaw largely to myself, for who wants to hear critique on everything? In relationships, I've struggled, for my drive to show the flaw that didn't need to be there in the first place was often not well received. I've found a profession, where this talent of noticing the flaw comes in very handy. I've learned patience, I've learned to sit and wait for others to see the individual flaws in their situations, for in my experience, my noticing of the flaw was just that - I had noticed, I had communicated it and I had no impact whatsoever by doing that. People in general want to make their own choices, have their own experience and so I've come to still notice the many flaws (my perception), but I've mainly stopped saying anything.

Today, I'm making a choice not to do that. Today, I'm pointing out towards what I perceive to be the squeeky wheel in the experience of ascension. It isn't really a flaw, the word flaw in and of itself gives a negative connotation. What I do perceive is that one tidbit, where the energy of striving for enlightenment and unity consciousness falters and reverts to the old pathways of thought and understanding, the old paradigm of duality.

My hope is that by describing what I see, I may contribute to greater understanding of this energy drive that envelops the whole of creation, this planet, all beings. There is this energy that seeks unity. It is in motion. It pulls, tugs and beckons us to follow it. If we sit still in meditation for a while, we can feel it, we can sense it in our mind, in our cells, in our heart. It is that which feels true. For each one of us, this thing this energetic pull, which feels true takes a different experience. It is individual. I cannot say that it is "this" - or "that". All I can say is, you will know how it feels to you when you experience it. The faculty of inner knowing is pronounced when you feel this energy.

If you now feel the need to communicate this, perhaps rejoice about it, perhaps wish to share the joy of it, then put out the intent to do so. If you however wish to teach it, you're about to hit that point where it all collapses back into the energies of old. This cannot be taught, it cannot be described properly, but what we can do is describe what it isn't.

If we are drawn to notice, take in and digest things happening in this world, political leaders flailing (when have they not flailed?), religions going haywire, groups of normally peaceful people quarreling, when you see people insisting that "this is what it is", then we know unity consciousness ISN'T that. For when we try to describe unity in words, we fall into polarity and polarity isn't unity. It's that simple. When we try to comprehend unity with our logical mind, we fail, for the logical mind, as lateral as it may function, still weighs up this or that and that is duality and not unity. The drive to share, to express, to discern, to find the right way, etc - all these are concepts of duality and not unity. When you hit upon the state of unity consciousness, there are no words left, there is understanding, but it isn't the mental kind alone. There is experience, but it isn't "this or that". In the state of unity, the understanding that each individual experiences exactly what is to be experienced in that moment of experience prevails and with that understanding, there is that sense of "everything is as it is supposed to be".

When we share in unity, we can share energetically, we can love unconditionally, the need for words ceases and the silence nourishes our natural state of being. Each time, I'm there, joy abounds. Each time I'm there, I know that the time of dualistic words is going to draw to a close soon. Each time I write, I do so with an infusion of my energy, my consciousness is embedded energetically in the words I write and I invite my readers to experience my words on more than the mental level. Mental comprehension is just one of the thresholds, one of the openings for understanding. It is by no means the end of understanding.

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