Sunday, June 12, 2011

Accepting Diversity

(There are times, when mincing words is something that can bring clarity and taking the opportunity to explain one's own understanding of certain words can bring about the literary manifestation of a whole viewpoint altogether. I am grateful for the discussion I had on a different website, for it allowed me to bounce off my understanding off that of another which had that result. My expression of my viewpoint would not have manifested like this, had I not engaged in the discussion. The paradox of the situation was that discussing the words "judgment" vs. "discernment" was a great way to clarify my own understanding of the meaning of these words and learn that another understands these words differently, while at the same time maintaining within myself that the actual content of the discussion was a moot point, was pivotal for my own experience.)

"I have heard of "knowledge is power", but I do not subscribe to it in a mental fashion. For me, the greatest power of all lies in the embracing of one's own Divinity, which leads away from subjugation, by the means of inner freedom. There is nobody who can take the sovereignty of my own heart and the understanding, feeling and spiritual identification with my actual Soul essence. The beauty of this is, that this sort of side-stepping by not playing along with anyone's games any longer, by stepping into one's own truth, heart and love-ability, brings not only compassion for everyone else, but also the understanding that there is not only ONE way of understanding knowledge and with this latter understanding, when it is fully integrated, the generosity of letting things be as they are and understanding that there is a divine order that keeps everything in place just fine brings peace to one's heart, one's hearth and through that to one's community, and so the ripples can flow further out. I don't believe that through conflict or abolishing this or that, through declarations of right and wrong, humanity stands a chance to bring about a loving and peaceful way of communicating and co-existing. From my point of view, it takes a more expansive stance, where everything is allowed and one's own behavior and decorum manifests automatically from one's peaceful heart. I see no need at all for revolution, rebellion or any other forced way of imposing anything onto another, be it ever so ingenious or "right" in the eyes of those who disseminate it. To push something away in order to make room for something else can only bring the energy of separation. To include something alongside with something new will allow for greater experience, diversity and peace."

Peace be!

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