Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Transcending the World of Separation

Although there are signs that humanity is beginning to move into a greater understanding of what a heart based society is, there are still remnants of the old paradigm that are visible everywhere I look. It is in this time of transition where another great lesson lurks for me. I've always had the drive to move along, to race through the ascension process and simply just go home - well, if not home, then somewhere, where things are more like home anyways.

In this "race" that I ran against my own inner clock, things began in quite a linear fashion and have since branched out in star formation. The point of perspective has shifted from one point along a line into a bird's eye view that sort of looks on the totality of my star, and thus I am able to see more than one point of experience simultaneously. I've also fallen into the illusion that the old ways have to give way to the new ways. In a certain manner of looking at things, that may be perceived that way, but in this illusion, I've also fallen to the belief that one thing has to go before the next thing arrives.

Today, I'm looking closely at that illusion, because it does not hold true under scrutiny, for how can I, from the point of view of non-separation and unity, disregard the existence of the world of separation? I simply am not able. It exists, there will always be those operating and learning within it. I may not always be seeing those who are there, but that's ok too. The difficulties lie in the interaction between these two sets of paradigms and I've so far only come across one key to make things a bit easier.

As I continue on my own journey, It appears that I am expecting of myself to master this bit as well. I have found a key in self-acceptance, for as long as I do not accept every tiny little bit within myself, I still refuse to experience myself as a being centered in unity. As long as there are still things on my experiential radar that I push away, I know that I am not accepting fully. I still give myself less of the respect I deserve. This does not mean that I cannot disagree or have an opinion that differs from that of another. This merely means that my opinion is not more right or more wrong than anyone else's. This acceptance has nothing to do with flopping over and allowing the world to trample me down. This form of acceptance means that I allow my opinion to be just that, mine and in turn, I respectfully allow anyone else's opinion to be just that - their opinion. The idea of right and wrong is thus being transcended.

If I manage to accept myself fully, and I do mean fully in all aspects, even the fact that I too have played in the 3rd dimension and viewed this existence from the point of view of separation at some point, I will then naturally experience a reality in which I am accepted and respected. This acceptance and respect will take on forms of unity, for to fully accept oneself means to unify stray bits and pieces that are still floating around in one's system. The moment I integrate thus the existence and full activity of the 3rd dimension, that will not just wink out of existence but merely perhaps one day out of my personal field of experience, I will thus not draw that 3rd dimensional concepts of separation into my reality over and over again, as I have so far, because of my aversion towards it, the way I invite anything else into my reality that I still have an aversion towards and haven't integrated yet. Thus I yield, I surrender. The one thing I've tried to "get away" from (the world of separation), is as much part of me, as the worlds of lesser density that seem to feel so much easier to live in for me.

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