Sunday, June 5, 2011

Limitless Abundance Part IV - An Invocation

An incredible energy of wanting to move forward has been with me ever since I have been able to "wrap up" my latest manifestation. That last piece was a piece of heavy duty work. I admit that there may have been a possibility to make it all easier on myself and all involved, but in the end, everything unfolded with uncanny precision, timing and ease. It took as long as it did, because I hadn't understood some of the manifesting details ahead of time. I have marched through my lessons and transformed that which was still hindering. It was fun and ultimately, all I remember is the joy of the result.

With this joy, I feel like a child having come off a carnival ride going "again, again!"... of course I don't want that very same identical ride again, but some other "manifestation" project. I know now to bring the thought form that unite to my projects, rather than those that separate. In this frame of mind, I'm choosing it to be something where I can be of service to the whole of mankind, (no fear of thinking big here!) something where I can help the Earth ascend. Yes, something where I can learn my own little bit as well and most of all, something, that has been bugging me for a long time.

In a manner true to the energies symbolized by the sign of Aries, I come from a place of want. It is more than want though, for that want was initially born in the sign of Pisces with the understanding and intuitive knowing of how things really are. I let Aries do its thing with the wanting, that's alright, that gives me the energies of "getup and go", the "umph" to get things rolling, to state my wish.

I had pondered a while on what I really want and one thing came into focus. I do truly want abundance. Abundance can come in monetary form, with its challenges and hang ups that I can already foresee. Abundance comes in many other forms too. I pondered a bit deeper and tried to bring the base feeling into my conscious awareness. What is it that I really want ? It wasn't necessarily a certain number of $ in my bank account, although that has crossed my mind. On a deeper level, it was more the sense of not having to worry about a thing. The reassuring feeling that I can "afford" or give myself whatever my heart desires. In this wish lies an understanding that on the other side of the veil, this is already so. There are no limitations other than those we impose on ourselves.

Ultimately, I'm understanding that I wish to be free from limitations - any and all limitations. I trust myself to be anchored in the high heart and flow along nicely with the Universe's plan for me, so that I can now embark on the path towards achieving this wish. I understand that beyond the veil, it already is a reality. I understand furthermore that exactly this sentiment of freedom from any limitations is what I have been missing here on Earth, that perceived want of limitlessness and freedom has been my bane. It has been the catalyst for countless moments of "homesickness", moments of feeling eternally "flawed" in this human form. I understand that with these imaginary limitations that "are real here on Earth" I bought into the understanding of the collective, the 3D paradigm of duality and suffering.

No longer do I feel the need to play along with those rules. Defying Earth rules seems to be the sense of rebellion I have brought along with me from the start. It is this defiance that has come to the fore with all it's might. I understand that I could not fully make it disappear, for today its moment has come. It is now as active as ever. I don't want to play within the rules of old. I want to bring my birth right of limitlessness into this reality. I want that with all my heart. It seems to me that it has been waiting for me to catch up to this moment for it to trigger with such intensity that I have no other choice than to voice this heartfelt intention:

"I am now open to fully experience the birthright of effortless, limitless abundance in the physical form, as I am already accustomed to do in the higher realms when not embodied. I am open to set this manifestation into motion as of this moment. I am open to do and be what it takes to manifest this wish!"

(and with a chuckle I realize that I may have just embarked on the ride of my life!)

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