Friday, June 24, 2011


I have to admit, I'm not beyond enjoying compliments. Today, I've been given what I could classify most likely to be the greatest compliment of this life time. I've been called "authentic". That word hit home so deeply, that tears welled up. The gratitude I experience of having had an interaction with another person who found it fitting to make me such a compliment is incredible. Being authentic, that's what I strive for with every breath. There are so many things that I could do, so many games I could participate in, yet I choose not to. I choose to be different, or only be  a part of something when it really feels alright within me. I have given my intuition and my soul more pull than I have given any group or single person. True, there have been times, when I did try to run with a pack or so, just to get a sense of belonging. Each and every time, such an attempt has ended in my going my own way again. Today, I know that I'm not made for those pack or herd scenarios. Today, I save myself the trouble by staying authentic, by simply being me. By living such an authentic life style, I attribute quite a bit of value to the authenticity of every other person I come in contact with.

What does being authentic mean to me in the deepest sense? I see in this the full acceptance of who I truly am. I see it as never trying to be like someone other than myself. I see it as always staying true to my innermost guidance, my innermost wisdom and understanding. That does not mean that I'm not open to new ideas. On the contrary, I'm very open to them, but it does mean that I don't follow anyone or anything, no new fad, teacher, trend. It means that I follow my own heart and am content and happy to be who I am. I am happy with the mission I have chosen for this life, even if my contributions are more behind the scenes. I am content and absolutely overjoyed to give of myself, my understanding, my wisdom that I have gained over the eons and I am also eternally grateful to have understood that the exciting tasks are for those who truly call themselves Earthlings. Why would I need to take those away ? Just to "be someone" ? It is alright, each and every person has their niche, their talents and they are lined up with Divine perfection to allow for the myriad of different expressions, jobs, missions and contributions. More and more I relish the energy that comes from diversity. This feeling of embracing it all brings a state of non-judgment and acceptance of the whole puzzle. Whether all the puzzle pieces are already fitted to show the full picture or whether they are still scattered about waiting to be placed, matters very little to me.

To be recognized as "authentic" has to mean that the compliment giver is also authentic, for it takes one to know one!

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