Saturday, June 4, 2011


Birth families are a strange thing to me. Mine was the vessel for the basis for my experiences and set me up with Divine perfection with all the quirks, "flaws", hiccup and that familiar sort of jazz. Going over my 7-year cycles yesterday, I see today that with the precision of a clockwork, I had lost various family members at these pivotal times of transition between one cycle and the next.

Today, it is with great love and understanding that I let the last family member from my original birth family go. I release her to the freedom of holding no emotional family ties with me any longer. She may not know this, I will not say it to her, but in my heart I understand that she has chosen a path that is not congruent with mine.

True, there may be times when we meet again, share civil niceties, and truer still, our soul connection remains. Perhaps we will choose to express it during another life time, at another moment, in other bodies, perhaps even on other worlds. It is all unfolding with absolute precision and I enter this new 7-year cycle entirely without ties to my old birth family. The moment is filled with some sadness and at the same time, it is extremely freeing. It is wonderful in it's own way to let go of this last tie with the understanding that the deepest love is the one that releases another person peacefully to their own destiny. I let go and send a wave of unconditional love to the very best sister I could have ever wished for.

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