Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Blanket of Love

Greetings to all who find these words. It is with great anticipation that we witness and aid this process of birthing into the higher frequencies. The throes of this birthing process manifest every moment. They vary greatly from natural and man made disasters on Earth to personal struggles. Each and every wave of new birthing energy is prepared and triggered by solar activity. Some have their attention on that activity, whereas others bring the attention to the actual birthing pains, monitoring the emotions of fear.

This has been called "the last stand of duality". In fact, the thought processes of the 3rd dimension will not go away at all. They will remain as the Earth continues her journey towards the 5th dimension. What changes is the way, the thought processes of duality are perceived from the 5th dimensional understanding. What has been looked at by many as a struggle against the evils of the 3rd dimension is in fact nothing other than a birthing process from the womb of safety and security of the encompassing darkness into the bright light of the higher dimensions.

It may sound strange to call the 3rd dimension safe and secure, as it unfolds and manifests with such violence on all levels. Know this, the greater the violence, the dangers, the fears etc, the greater the potential for peace, safety, love etc. The Earth experience is a very emotional experience. For many, identifying with emotions has been the modus operandi here. With the move from the lower frequencies to the higher ones, there is a lessening of this experience of emotionality. However, to move away from emotionality does not mean to move away from love. In fact, it means the very opposite. It means that when the center of the experience becomes love, the many emotional tugs and pulls are eased greatly. They are currently still perceivable, but in the higher dimension, it will not be so any longer.

We hear many cries based in fear that want to nail down how it is going to be in the new dimension. The truth is, we do not know how it is going to be.  Dear ones, we do not know what choices you will ultimately make to create your new experience - that book has not been written yet at this point. There are projections, possibilities, yes, infinite possibilities and all have been lived already, yet honing into the timeline of Earth at this moment, that book becomes empty again, leaving but the promise of the infinite possibilities. It is at that point, that we wish to remind you that in order to write your story into that book, you are asked to make choices. For each choice, you are asked to take responsibility, for in the higher dimensions, more is asked of you than in the lower frequencies. The graduation from one dimension into the next is however a very joyous event. Do remember all that you have learned so far, and bring every little experience into the mix, for no-one and no-thing needs to be left out. No experience is wrong, all experiences are exactly what they are supposed to be. Trust in this and bravely continue on your current experience.

Know that you are loved and protected as you have always been. Know that brothers and sisters from higher dimensions, some of which are also at the very same time incarnated in an earthly body, are tirelessly active as midwives for this monumental birthing occasion. Know this with certainty in your hearts, for at times, when you get tired, you may have to draw from this certainty in order to carry on. To each in their own way, each in their own fashion, each within their own timing. We bring angelic energy from on high to blanket all of humanity, all of the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms in an enormous, powerful, wave of eternal love. We bow down to each spark individually, recognizing, enjoying and cherishing each contribution.

(The Elohim)

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