Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today, I'm dedicating my morning to my back yard. The months of rain have finally given way to beautiful blue skies and sunshine. The ground is beginning to dry out enough so that the cleaning up process from the winter growth is becoming less of a mud fest. I just came in to get a drink of fresh water when I realized that I am vibrating at an extremely high rate.

No, it's not that I'm out of breath from hard weeding work, it's an energy charge that I have evidently received by connecting very intimately (yes, fresh soil clings to my hands!) with Mother Earth. I had not realized this while in the process of weeding, but now, in my wee break, I'm rejoicing in recognition that Gaia too has raised her frequency tremendously since I last had dug into the ground. It is with extreme joy in my heart that I will go back out now and resume the work, that isn't really work, but one on one communion with nature. All sounds but those of Mother Earth subside and I do not hear the sound of lawnmowers and other equipment that is buzzing throughout the neighborhood. (Hearing it only during my break now).

All there is, is the sense of oneness that guides my hands and shows me what to do next.

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