Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcoming Changes

After many nights of dreaming and working within dream time on some private projects, I have made the experience that every morning, my first thought is one of gratitude. This feeling has become the base note of my life. This is a drastic change from worry, scrambling, kicking and screaming and finding this incarnation rather tedious to say the least. This base note of gratitude that sounds upon awakening to every new day, is not a gratitude for anything in particular. It isn't overwhelmingly strong either. It just is. It's there, and I see it extend to every situation that I experience. It has become the first response to everything.

There is that slow poke driver, with the very identifiable car and special license plates on his route to work, again in front of me - not irritating me any longer, but I recognize how he is contributing selflessly to my need for more patience and I am thankful. There are the street workers, tearing up yet another section of the road I won't be traveling during Summer break - it wasn't their idea to start before school is out, I silently greet them in my heart with a smile, for their job is a dangerous one at times and in Fall I will love the smoother ride. And so it goes, things that I had experienced as obstacles in the past, now shine in a whole new light. It is a good way to start my days and I have noticed that I'm beginning to see things that I would not have had the frame of mind to observe before.

This new way of experiencing my world is possibly what has been termed "stop and smell the roses". I understand that the opportunity to step into this point of perception has always been there from the moment I have set foot onto this Earth. It is however with gratitude rather than regret, that I am just happy that has happened to me now as opposed to before. I don't question it's timing at all.

I don't exactly stop (to smell the roses), but with a different point of perspective, my experience of life most certainly has changed and suddenly so. The beauty of it is that I did not have to do anything in particular to reach this place other than to remain steadfast in my heart, no matter how many fear-based bits of information and worrisome situations have presented themselves to me. I have stubbornly held on to love and expansion of my heart as a base for my new life and I see the results of this change in attitude everywhere. Most notably in how I perceive myself.

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