Monday, June 20, 2011

Being While Doing

More and more I find myself in a place of non-linearity. It is not only the continued experience of the now, but also an experience of a sense of weightlessness, where the mind has nothing to do. Just the simple act of writing, to come up with words to describe this experience is now almost a chore.

When I'm interacting with other human beings, I can sense more than I intellectually know what the conversation is all about. I used to follow others' thoughts in a logical fashion. Sometimes, to the dismay of my conversation partners, I would finish their sentences. I am aware that this drive of mine isn't all that pleasant for the other, but I was never quite able to let it go - until now, I see that it has vanished on its own. There is simply no more expectations as to what the thought patterns of others might turn out to become. I am wondering, whether I just have reached a state of not giving a hoot anymore, but that isn't really the truth for me. I find myself listening more than I have ever before and it is a comfortable place to be. There is less and less to say, I have a distinct feeling that I've said it all. This feeling goes so very much against my Gemini-nature, that I am wondering whether this is just another side-effect of being immersed in the 5D experience, rather than a personal development alone. I cannot say for sure that it is so, but somehow, I don't really mind if it is, nor do I mind if it is not. There is a sense of equanimity that prevails and permeates every moment of my day. There are no significant "ups" nor "downs", things just are and I just am and the world just is.

As I go about my days' work, I believe I am experiencing deeper and deeper levels of this state of being while doing and I don't think I mind one bit.

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