Thursday, June 30, 2011

Energy Surges

Incredible surges of energy have accompanied me this week. Before I knew it, I had in the beginning possibly taken in more power than I can handle safely. There was a bit of a spill over effect and it took a while to find my center again. Focusing on Love and the Marriage of Love and Power was very helpful for the re-centering process and the alignment with this new energy gift.

Still, today, as it did the past few days, my cells are at a new perpetual hum. It's another energy frequency increase for sure, as I navigate it, I let it happen. I feel encouraged by it's power, I feel the potential of what it will allow for. It's strong, possibly the strongest surge that I've experienced in the past 2 years. It appears that Mother Earth and my body temple are ready to harbor higher energetic frequencies again and again. I try and be patient with myself in this new adjustment period. I let myself off the hook and pamper myself a little bit here and there, wherever I can. I find that drinking lots of fluids and eating lightly helps. Sleep is a different matter altogether. I feel exhausted, but am hard at work in my dream time. So I get up seemingly exhausted still, or again. Yet I have ample energy to do everything that needs done. It is only a matter of getting into the flow of the energetic gift that is being bestowed to the Earth at this time. Getting into harmonious flux with the energy pathways is a wonderful experience. It's a dance that I can highly recommend.

When in meditation, the coursing of the higher frequencies through my energy pathways (meridians) becomes very palpable. I feel the tingling, the buzzing everywhere, but I welcome it as being the beginning of a new phase, yet another phase as it seems. Without knowing what it has in store for me and mankind, I greet it with readiness and a sense of surrender, so that I may begin to unravel and enjoy the gifts it is going to bring.

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