Monday, June 6, 2011

Communication Across the Dimensions

Ascension into a higher frequency, the shift of dimensions, all that is happening. There is a mix now of people who reside mainly in the 3rd dimension, whereas some have anchored fully into the 5th dimension. Some souls are multi-dimensional beings, incarnated in physical bodies, yet leaving them behind at will, when traveling past the 5th dimension. This scenario is bringing currently incredible amounts of diversity to the planet and all as it is supposed to be. There is no judgment as to when a soul decides to move into a different dimension or which dimension they end up calling their own.

With this increase in diversity, there is also an increase in communication diversity. I am tempted at first to see it as a problem that needs to be solved, for a lot of potential conflict comes from misunderstanding the person who is having something to say. Sharing is becoming difficult at best. This does not have to be a problem however, for all those who have experienced 3D and have consciously moved and anchored into 5D have a responsibility. I look at it as if I was traveling. If I have lived in a country for quite some time, I am familiar with the native language. I have immersed myself into that language and most of the times, can call it my own. If I travel to a different country, things are new, languages are often different, even if it is the same language, there are different meanings to the same words. This is how I view the language of the 5th dimension to be. It has to be different than that of the 3rd dimension, for one's point of view has changed dramatically. The words that were brought along from the 3rd dimension are now used for a 5D experience that has passed through the filters that are in place in the 5th dimension. It is absolutely logical that anyone who hasn't visited that country/region (5D) yet, is often at a loss and cannot fully comprehend what a person talking from that angle is really saying. The frustration is equally there for the person who gets misunderstood.

Most often, the words are all in the same language, they sound like something one should comprehend, then they get passed through the filters that are in place for the 3rd dimension and the message delivered from the 5th dimension becomes extremely distorted. Misunderstandings are common place. Arguments then ensue and most of the time, both parties are correct, each from their own point of perspective.

A while back, it was easy to switch dimensions and bring one's energy to the vibrational levels that were normal in 3D. Now, it seems more and more difficult to toggle back and forth. After fully anchoring into 5D, it becomes impossible to fully step into 3D for any length of time without feeling the physical discomfort of the density in 3D. Communication happens always as a mirror of one's perception. For me, it is obvious that the person who has experienced 3D and 5D is more responsible than the person who has only experienced 3D. For one who has experienced both 3D and 5D, it is a good idea to train in the discipline of remembering how things looked in 3D and to put those filters into place when communicating with a person in 3D. This can be viewed as if one is speaking a different dialect of one's own language. It would really be nice to see communication across the dimensions become easier and to see conflict and misunderstandings diminish rapidly.

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