Friday, June 10, 2011

Lightworking !

Over and over I come across accounts of the very simple fact, that when one is joyous, loving, considerate, grateful, happy or just plain upbeat, it doesn't take very long before the immediate environment begins to respond to such energy patterns. (I have tried this out myself and can only attest to it.) These energy patterns will then bounce back and before we know it, there are reports of "OMG, I've been called beautiful for the first time in my life!" or similar.

What took months, years or even longer to manifest a while back is now manifesting almost instantaneously. This is good news for those of us who like to move and shake things and make a real difference, for this gives us an incredible amount of power. If we manage to turn a blind eye to the things that irk us so , just for a wee while, just to try this out. If we manage to find in our heart that place, where things are happy, or at the very least acceptable. If we find just one or two things in our lives that we are grateful for. Then we begin to shine a light into the fabric of our realities. With this slender beam of light, we can then begin to melt away the greater things that feel like huge burdens, until our experience of our realities changes and reflects that light.

This small personal effort can snowball then into a big boulder that plunges into a still lake. The ripples that flow out from such an act are visible, tangible and real. It lies in the individual power of each and every one of us to give it a shot and make our own reality one that is light filled, even if it starts out with a small light dot in the seeming darkness of the current experience. We can let this light that we started with one positive, heartfelt thought, grow. Once it begins to shine, it grows every day on its own, just because light has a quality that will always drive it outward and its inherent purpose is to expand without limits. What begins as a small seemingly meaningless positive thought will end up as floodlights in our lives. Now that's what I call Lightworking!

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