Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Transformation Work

I can relate very much to voices that cry out and say the energies are very dense and heavy right now. It feels that way to many. Wherever we find ourselves, in whatever "hellish pit of darkness" that may be, we can always cry out for help, snap our fingers and plead, pray and carry on, or we can step into the mastery of who we truly are and realize that we find ourselves in the denser areas at times, because a light is needed, desperately needed. If that light wasn't there, if these dense fabrications of fear and darkness were not shone upon and transmuted, how could we call ourselves light workers? It is time to give a hearty laugh, to accept the compliment that our helpers give us by staying silent even when we cry out for help. It is the compliment of having been recognized as a master of the light who is fully capable to shine on his/her own.

The choice is an easy one to make at this conjuncture. We can either keep putting our true nature out of the picture or we can embrace it and step fully into it, with all that this entails. The commitment to the light, the commitment to be here now, during this time of transformation on Earth is an admirable one. It brings a whole lot of responsibility and we have the choice to stand tall in this commitment, doing that which is before us without comparison to that which is before any fellow light worker. We can embrace this commitment, the responsibility and accept the work that we have come to perform in the precise manner in which it gets performed by us. In this surrender to the nature of our essence (light), we can let go of any and all resistance that tries to keep us small in our shoes, tries to still make us believe that we are victims of the denser energies. Truth is, we are a far cry from being victims. "What good would a light tower be in a place of light ?" (paraphrased - source: Kryon) It is precisely in the density of the places of darkness that our power of love and light is so fittingly suitable to bring about the transformation we have come to experience, witness and be a distinct part of.

If you find yourself in the heavier energies, in the density, confronted with fears, terror even, anxiety, worry, violence etc, you can therefore derive that you have a place there, a real job to do.
There are Archangels incarnated currently and in their human form, they go through this sort of thing not only for their own personal journey, but also to facilitate this kind of lightwork on a greater scale. I understand that with them setting the precedence, they are paving the way so that it will be much easier for the legions of lightworkers to follow suit. Eternal gratitude to all involved in this great plan.

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