Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Business Ideas

I've been approached to give my opinion about a grand business idea. I've read the concept and have to say that it is probably (still) going to work and even bring in a lot of money. Is that the reason to try to actually bring it into manifestation ? I am squirming inside and the conflict is one of a peculiar nature. On one hand, I could even personally be part of this business venture and get a share of the income, however, I just can't make myself go there. There is something so desperately 3D about the idea that I just can't be part of it. I feel a bit like an arrogant fool to let an "opportunity" slide, yet I know it's the right thing to do. (An opportunity for what really?)

Actually, this decision wasn't hard at all, for when my intuition cries out the way it did, it's really easy for me to let things go before I've wasted my time and energy to find out the hard way that it's not for me. However, it brings up the question of what kind of business ideas are going to resonate harmoniously within the 5-D paradigm?

Although I have some training in the fields of business administration and even marketing, I've never really taken to being very active in that area. Somehow, the old way of thinking business, profit etc, has just lost its appeal. Sure, everyone needs to be able to maintain an adequate lifestyle. I'm all for that. I've made my peace with money to the degree that I feel it is a tool, an important tool (still) for survival. Yet, the question remains.

"What kind of business interaction or venture would work in the 5D paradigm?"

It is clear to me that the ventures should be in the form of non-hierarchical all encompassing, integrating framework. The hierarchical structures that I even see within the well meaning lightworking websites, who call for uniting and co-creating the planetary shift etc (for example),  are drawn up with "leaders" at the top and "underlings" who need to "sign up" to be "part of it". What I see in it is that it's a 3D concept to ring in the 5D paradigm - how is that ever going to really work? It's illogical to think that it would work,  for it draws on the energies of old and thus manifests along those lines (in 3D style).

At the core of the new energies we can assume to find love and compassion for fellow man. It's the heart based society that will bring about interactions that ensure above all else the well being of all involved, including Mother Earth who is recognized as a sentient being,  even in business. There cannot be structures any longer that are based on class-systems, hierarchies or uneven spread of monetary wealth. I understand that I cannot bring about the full blown image of how it's going to be, but what I do see is that if a "new" venture looks very much like that which we have seen for the past century(ies) then it's most certainly a 3D concept and will only manifest within that paradigm.

In order to transcend these memories and ways of old of how business is conducted, a group of people who have anchored into the 5th dimension will have to join together and bring about new ideas on how to set up business ventures that will bring about peace, prosperity and joyous fulfillment of everyone involved - equally. I admit that I'm a bit out of touch with that business subject, so it may well be that there are already business ventures popping up that are based on the framework of the 5th dimension. The far reaching influences a business has on people and the environment are what needs to be looked at and concepts need to be flexible enough to be adjustable to follow, as we learn about and experience the new ideas and energetic flows of the 5th dimension that will come in more and more as we continue on the Earth's ascension path.

It's exciting to be alive now, to witness the new ideas take hold and new ways of working together form.

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