Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unconditional Trust

We approach imperturbably the 5th Dimension. Mother Earth is in the process of ascension and is birthing herself into this new energetic frequency. We have the absolute luck to be incarnated into a body during these days here on Earth. Be that as witnesses, as midwives, as observers and as carriers of joy. The divine celebration to honor Gaia when she anchors fully into the 5th dimension is yet to come, but I do have a feeling that it is going to be incredibly beautiful.

We have the task to remember our abilities as co-creators. Many among us are already actively and consciously creating certain things in their lives. Many however still experience some difficulties with this process. There are clear “instructions” on how to let creations manifest, however, many of these “instructions” are based on bringing something that already exists into one’s life by means of a “wish”. That works. For many, that works really well actually.  It does not have anything to do with creation however. This process of wishing is merely the sideways shifting of something from point A to point B, by means of the law of attraction. For me, this has not much to do with the act of co-creation. I even go as far as to call it “theft”, but it isn’t all that important.

What is real co-creation ? Doesn’t it have to do with things like “oneness with the Creator of all things, in order to bring something entirely NEW into being? Literally out of “Thin Air”? Yes, I think so! Just that “Thin Air” isn’t all that thin. The way I view all of creation, every manifestation is made of one energy, the energy of unconditional love.  There are inexhaustible amounts of unconditional love. This unconditional love is the substance that we call prana and breathe in with our air. It is the building block of any and all creation. From this point of view, everything is becoming a lot simpler.  We have the building block and we are conscious of it. We know that we are not sole creators, but co-creators. I ask myself here what else is needed to bring a creation into being?

The answer to this question comes from my heart. It whispers thus: “Unconditional Trust!” At this point, I am reminded of the number 3 once more.

1=Connection and oneness with the Creator
2=Unconditional Love
3=Unconditional Trust

This, so it seems, are the 3 requirements that a co-creator needs to bring to the act of creation.
They are in essence not that different from each other – for all 3 of them, the energy of the Heart is necessary, hence everything is reduced back to the number One.

Every thought wishes to manifest itself. It is therefore very important to learn to still the mind. With less background noise in the mind, a thought comes into being a lot clearer.  The strength of a clear thought combined with the energy of the Heart, the conscious state of unity with the Creator and coupled with unconditional trust towards the whole process will express itself in the manifestation of the creation.

Many folks have dealt with their hearts for quite some time now. The conscious state of unity with the Creator has been practiced. The unconditional trust however, hasn’t popped up all that often.

For me, it is like the crowing of the act of creation. Without this blind, unconditional trust, nothing will come to fruition. Every interruption of the energetic flow of creation, be it through doubts or even seemingly harmless curiosity (I wonder if it will really work!) has the strength to let the whole creation efforts fizzle away. Or perhaps, the manifestation will not happen in its entirety, or not reach the dimension of physical matter.  In order to reach this state of unconditional trust, a state of absolute freedom from any desire to control the creation process in any way shape or form is necessary. This feeling isn’t one of detachment or even contempt. This feeling is one of absolute trust in the co-creator abilities of our partner, the Source of All That Is.

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