Friday, June 3, 2011

Seven Times Seven

My life has run in 7-year cycles. I understand that that type of cycle is quite common. Today, I'm wrapping up my 7th cycle and it feels quite special to me. I am filled with the understanding of the abundance of the endless stream of gifts that have come my way. Gifts in form of challenges, gifts in form of sweetness and most of all, gifts in the form of ever growing awareness. It is with this understanding that I have only one thing on my mind and I want to dedicate this whole day to it. With every breath, I take, I exhale my deepest sense of gratitude.

Gratitude goes out to all those souls who played their part and created the most perfect challenges in my life, that propelled me into ever expanding consciousness. Gratitude goes out to all those souls who stood by me, relentless, faithful, loyal (you know who you are!) through my many dramas, my moments when I raised my fist towards the heavens and also the moments when we giggled, celebrated, partied and just had plain ol' fun! (you too know who you are!)

Gratitude goes out to all the unseen helpers, the angels, guides and Masters who have been there with me, embodied and in Spirit, as an integral part of my life, ever patient, in service of the One. You have done a tremendous job with one such as myself and always kept me on the straight and narrow when it came to staying true to my path.

With this gratitude I include the fact that I am alive during these exciting times, the greatest gift of all it seems. Just to be here, to enjoy life, just to witness it all. It's is an incredible blessing and I hope to do it justice. With this joy that springs forth from the deep sense of gratitude, I honor this last day of this 7th 7-year cycle of mine and with it I honor these past 49 years for every little bit I was blessed to experience and understand. Tomorrow, the beginning of my 8th 7-year cycle, will bring in the celebration of the big 5-0 and I am feeling very content and overjoyed to have arrived at this place in perfect health, sanity and an open heart. Cheers!

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