Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Crumbling School System

In my place of inner knowing, I have an understanding. This understanding tells me that as we move out of the density that brings the experience of polarity (3D), into a more unity based experience (5D), we also, by proxy, move a step closer to "home". Home to me is the totality of the realms beyond the veil of forgetfulness that has cloaked the Earth and its inhabitants so successfully, that the experience of polarity and separation became "real". We really believed it and therefore experienced all the teachings it had to offer in a manner that is indelible from the Cosmic mind. The memories of the myriad of Earth experiences have enriched the One in so many ways that all I can sense from that enrichment in return is an enormous wave of gratitude coming from the center of the Universe. This wave of Divine gratitude goes to each and every spark who was brave enough to ever set foot into this density.

As the Earth and all upon her move closer and closer to the threshold of the next dimension (some have already crossed that threshold and have anchored their energies into the 5th dimension), it becomes clear that the teaching approaches also need to change. The outcry (at least here in the USA) goes from one school district to another. Mainly, it's focused around budget shortfalls. It's focused around having to adjust (cut) the curriculum and (drastically increase) class-sizes to cut cost. It's focused around closing whole schools as well as letting teachers go (sacking them), just because they haven't been teachers for longer than their (burnt out ?) colleagues, some of whom would have loved to be able to retire... The school system is on the brink of falling apart. The kids blatantly question the hierarchical structures and rightfully so in my opinion. As we approach the next dimension, these old paradigms will crumble more and more and the idea of learning and teaching will renew as well. I am confident that everything will unfold as it must by reaching a breaking point Many hands are still trying to hold on to the old. They will do this until they cannot do so any longer and the system will collapse altogether. This will bring space so that new ideas can begin to take hold.

Well, these "new ideas" aren't all that new. We don't really have to reinvent the wheel. In the realms beyond the veil, there is a "school system" that is fully functioning. I see that its closest already manifested system has been brought to Earth by Dr. Maria Montessori. I dare speculate, she was inspired by the realms beyond the veil, although she could not possibly have declared this at the time of her "discovery" or shall we say inspiration.

The schooling system that exists in the schools for souls of different awareness and growth levels beyond the veil is quite easy to grasp. Souls come together in groups. Not every soul is at the exact same learning level, but the gaps between the learning levels isn't too great either. Those souls who are a bit more advanced help the souls who have not yet grasped the topic and thus reaffirm their mastery of topics that have already been learned. Those a bit less advanced are inspired by those who are a bit more advanced and an exchange of different learning topics is ensured this way. There are teachers, but they stay on the sidelines so to speak, only stepping in when it has to be. The structure in those learning groups is pretty free flowing and only adjusted to ensure less distraction and more learning when necessary. Since on the other side of the veil, the notion of time is non-existent, there is no need to have grasped a certain topic and mastered it within a set "time frame". Most of all, there is ample space for joyous play and free exploration of whatever the souls feel drawn to. The "graduation" from one learning level to the next isn't set in a time frame either, but soul groups love to stick together and therefore often move from one level to the next as a group as well. Nobody is ever alone in their learning, unless they choose to seek solitude for a while. Mutual respect and non-judgment is a given. Competition is only played at and never serious. Learning becomes a playful joyous event and something the souls want to have "more of" automatically. It is never a chore, nor is any of the topics studied a "waste" or "unnecessary". Creativity and free flowing inspiration, as well as healthy self-assessment is a clear result of this schooling system.

As I said, I see that what I know of the schooling of souls beyond the veil has already been integrated in the philosophy of Maria Montessori and the wheel really doesn't need to be reinvented. I could see that the somewhat strict adherence to the Montessori philosophy can hinder the natural development of a school system, so I don't think it should be static, the way it has been. Instead, by applying the main philosophy of Montessori (child centered learning) to the whole system, it could result in a more flexible, growing and evolving school system and improve where there is need for adjustment to the ever changing student bodies.

Teaching in the 3D hierarchical manner is on it's way out - teachers can learn from their students as much as the students can learn from their teachers. By empowering the students to be all they can be and by allowing them to follow their passions in life, teachers may find themselves baffled over and over again at the immense amount of creativity that comes from the "youngens". To lock that sort of inspiration down will become an impossible thing to do if a teacher has decided to base their life experience on the heart (love), rather than the head (fear based control). Rather than pushing students through a school-factory where everyone has to learn the same thing at the same time, at the same speed, they can witness that what may look like chaos in the beginning will form into a well organized grouping of individual talents, specializations and tasks will distribute easily, following the natural flow. No more disgruntled schoolkids would possibly be one of the first measurable results. Another result will be the new creative ways in which the students of old will enter the "adult world" and create new ways of conducting business and services for the well-being of the greater communities, as I believe the children who are at school today come with missions that we grown-ups cannot even fathom. The greatest contribution a teacher can make to the evolution of humanity is not to stifle these kids' passions.

I know that as we approach the areas beyond the veil on the Earth's journey to the 5th Dimension, these naturally set up learning environments will be emerging more and more, as they are already a reality and in place in the dimensions we are about to enter.

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