Monday, February 28, 2011

Dancing the Dance

For a few days, the energetic frequencies have propelled many of us into 5D experiences. We felt the oneness, our divinity, we felt and understood to a greater extent what the coming of the New Earth, the new paradigm will be like. We got incredibly beautiful glimpses and were able to take a ladle full of hope and excitement out of the 5D dish. Still, forces of polarity have not quite ceased to have an impact. It appears that on the tail end of such a swing into the 5D experience there is always the pull back that gives the 3D voices more weight again. Things are measured again one against the other, the old ideas of fear and thus needing protection are being discussed. It is with wonderment that I see this rising of the 3D wave come to "dictate" the energy of the day. It is obvious that in such an energy space, there are voices that want to free all areas, discuss everything, darkness alongside with light. in principle I am all for freedom of expression and unadulterated sharing of viewpoints. From a 5D point of view however, this energy that shows us the makings of the outgoing paradigm of 3D is something to be observed perhaps, acknowledged for its presence for certain, but is it to be taken seriously ? Do we really need to dive fully back into the 3D experience of duality?

I think the choice is there for anyone. It can be a choice to dive head first back into 3D concepts and explore them one more time, and then again. It is valid in and of itself. It is however nothing that should be decreed in any way shape or form as "THE" thing to do. Those who chose to dance one more round on 3D ground are very free to do so. At the same time, however, those who have tired of the dance and wish to sit out a round may do so as well. There cannot be any judgment one way or the other. We are many individual souls who jointly are on this journey and each path deviates slightly or a lot from that of another. It is in the diversity, in the myriad of experiences and choices that the One delights. We are allowed to play - and play we shall !

Personally, I've opted to stick to my point of perspective, to not be swept back into the 3D concepts of duality. I'm aware that many have chosen to dance to the songs of the third dimension and I observe them while they move along with the patterns of old. I am musing whether for some it may be a form of respect and honoring the old school grounds, just before we are going to move on to the new ones ? It could well be and if it is so, I bow to each soul who frolics thus.

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