Sunday, December 12, 2010

Acceptance of This Moment

I'm musing today as to what "events" may be in the air for me to make it a blog topic. There's nothing that really draws my attention as I am in seeming balance and I cannot sense that my energy is going one way or the other. Any way really.

My ego wants today, 12/12 to be a special day - one where the fireworks are lighting up the winter sky, but alas, I'm not getting that spectacular sensation. However, I'm not getting the opposite of hardship and drudgery either. Everything is flowing easily today. It's like being in this timeless spot of balanced moment is the actual gift for me today. What's left for me is to let go of any preconceived notion what this "special date" is supposed to be holding for me. No grand meditation, vision nor anything other than ... well there we have it again... this very moment, expanding into itself, the absolute connectedness with everything that is. I guess that's good enough and there's nothing else that needs to be had.

I'm resigning myself to full acceptance of this state. There's truly nothing left to do for this moment, but enjoy it. Live it. Breathe it. Experience it with every fiber of my whole self. And then, let it go again, for every new moment is a new moment and any attachment to any other moment will bring hardship again. The non-attached acceptance of the moment - any moment at any given time - has one huge advantage. It doesn't demand forgiveness, it doesn't demand retribution, it doesn't demand being forgiven, it doesn't demand anything at all. It brings the complete serenity and the ongoing awareness that in this state, I am truly free from the past, free from the future - truly free in the now where the heart soars.

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