Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shifting Realities

During the last few days, I've experienced an increase in what I have termed "shifting". That's when you begin to feel like whatever you have experienced a moment before isn't quite the same a moment later. Let me give you an example.

This morning, I stowed my daughter's lunch into her backpack. In one of the pockets, there were some papers onto which she had written a story. The papers poked out, were visible, the zipper of the backpack undone. Then, about 15 minutes later I passed the couch on which the backpack sat and saw that the papers were gone. That outer pocket was still unzipped, but the papers had disappeared. I then went to the back to ask my kid not to forget to take her story to school (I had assumed that she had taken the papers out of the backpack). She answered me that she had put it into her backpack and I left the family room and walked back to the kitchen. I glanced at the backpack and there it was, with the papers sloppily stowed into the outer pocket, as I had seen it while I packed her lunch.

Unless we have some jokester in the house, which we don't, as we are all night owls and hardly grunt at each other in the morning,  I realize that I've been shifting. From one reality to another, where most things are exactly as in the first reality, but there are subtle little differences, like missing papers !

I have noticed shifting consciously about 6 years ago and have then understood many incidents that had puzzled me throughout my life. Finally, I had a somewhat valid, albeit non-scientific explanation to what may have been the cause for my "confusions" in life. The missing and found-again papers is one thing, no biggie, really. I know things are fine. What is entirely unnerving is when you find yourself shifting while driving a car. All of a sudden, pedestrians that weren't there pop out in front of you crossing the road, cars that you "didn't see" appear in the rearview mirror and some even honk at you and you have no clue as to why, because you were to the best of your knowledge committing no offense whatsoever.

I wanted to just type "the fabric of reality is wobbly". But I need to correct myself. The fabric of reality/ies is the same as it ever was. What is wobbly is the veil between realities. Perhaps wobbly isn't the best word, it's probably better described as "more permeable". It is a bit like falling through the cracks without noticing that you're falling at all.

I am not quite certain yet, as to why this phenomenon is appearing more and more in my life. I am ok with living multiple scenarios out in one lifetime. I am ok with that because there is hope that in one of the realities, I actually was kind instead of irritated - or a downright monster. It's actually a sense of grace given by the universe to think that it's not really all a "one shot" deal, but that we have many ways to experience life and that we don't have to have so many regrets. It's like a chance at simultaneous "do overs!". (I am in no way shape or form implying that one has no more responsibility to behave, on the contrary, the need for responsibility for oneself has just increased infinitely.) In fact, there are events in my life that feel like they didn't really happen. I've long since wondered, whether those events were just a phase when I experienced a different reality for a prolonged amount of time and then returned to the "main event". Or, if I was analyzed properly (chuckles) I may just have a severe case of dissociation and denial. Luckily, I have been analyzed and found to be quite sane.

Events like "shifting" may be perceived as if one is in the "wrong movie". What it really is, I believe is a transcendence of the perception of linear time. The process of increasing one's frequency, one's vibration alongside the energetic development of the Earth does have an influence on the DNA. In the physical evolution over the last millenia, the human brain has opened up dormant capacities and has grasped things that our forebears were simply not able to fathom. I believe that what I am experiencing here is nothing other than an increase in mental capacity. My mind, which in the past used to reel at the expansive nature of losing the time-sequences is now just shrugging and sending impulses of gratitude, that nobody got into a car accident while shifting. It's mainly like "ok - now i'm here" (key - pointing to the importance of permanently residing in the moment).

Truly, isn't it safe to assume that the evolution of the human body could now include the experience of "talents" that have been quite special in the past and were known to occur only in some isolated instances? Well, I'm probably still talking to folks who will be born in the 2100s - so someone, make a hard copy of this for their great-great-great-grandchildren....Please! (I certainly am going to do that for mine).

What transpires for me during the experience of shifting is, that the incarnation, the experience of the physical expression of my soul is far greater than what I had previously believed. If we have a myriad of realities that we live in, with minute changes from one reality to the next, there may also be a myriad of realities whenever we make a life changing decision where we go actually both ways, where we experience one decision with a myriad of minute alterations, as well as the other decision, also with it's minute alterations. My mind visualizes this like branches on a tree and the twigs get finer and finer....It does for me hold this image of branching into endless opportunities for experience.

To support the bold statement in the paragraph above, I would like to share that I have made very big decisions in my life. The biggest probably being that I decided to leave my homeland to venture out to the USA and live my life here. Anyone who has emigrated from their home will know that there is a strange sense of homesickness that occurs on either side. It's like having one foot here and one foot there. I have come to terms with this over the years by noticing, that I have other realities in which I have chosen to stay in my homeland. There, I am with other people, living a life that is quite different from the experience I have here. These other realities are a fact for me, as I shift into them from time to time with my consciousness. One could believe that this is all fantasy, imagery, visualization. I know that these "dips" into the other realities are random and not planned. They occur in my opinion, so that I may learn and become conscious of this phenomenon and possibly embrace the incredibly diverse nature of being incarnated. One thing is for certain, and physicists will agree with me. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be altered in form. So nothing is ever lost - all is ever present and in that sense "continues", albeit not in that linear sense of time, a perception which seems to be on the way out, at least as far as I can tell.

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