Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Power of Words

Words have fascinated me all my life. Communication has held me captive. Born when the sun traveled through the sign of Gemini, it doesn't really come as a surprise that that should be so. I have traveled wide and far within me and in this world and have encountered various ways of communication, not only in different languages, but also within different cultures. Communication and language mastery has been one of my greatest achievements yet also the greatest bane in my life. I have learned to stay silent, I have learned to silence the mind and I have learned to listen. These latter 3 things were not as easy to accomplish, but I feel I'm quite proficient now.

What's next on the lesson plan? Alongside the Earth's increase in energy vibration frequency we are traveling at our own individual speeds up the rungs of the "ladder of ascension". Communication on the same or on nearby rungs of the ladder is flawless, easy, everyone knows what we're talking about. Communication between people who reside in different frequencies becomes more and more difficult, the greater the difference in vibratory speed. It's like the communication signal distorts. The listener hears something different from what the talker intends to say. Communication threatens to break down. Miscommunications become the rule, people take things personally and chaos threatens, drama is for certain.

At this point of communication breakdown, I have a few choices available to me. I can withdraw and stay silent. Perhaps this choice is really helpful in the moment. Later on, I know my Gemini-nature will propel me further still to communicate yet again. I just can't stop this drive. However, in that initial silence, I have time to ponder a few things. I am living in a country where it is a fundamental right to speek freely. It's an anchored right! I can bank on it if I wish. I can say: "I have the RIGHT to free speech!". I can decide to use this right and speak freely of whatever I want to say, as well as however I want to say it.  Yes, I can!
Having described above how communication and speaking is important to my very essence, this should be the most important right to me. It is not! I realize that it was important, it is no longer important to me. Of course, I enjoy its benefits as long as I have this right. But I cannot say, that it is the foundation for my expression. It belongs so entirely into the old paradigm of the 3rd dimension, that I have no longer use for it in this righteous manner. It doesn't fit me any longer. This does not mean that I do wish to be banned from saying what I have to say. That is not the point I am trying to make.

Instead I want to highlight, that what worked and was so very important in the 3rd dimension, cannot just be taken over into the 4th dimension and applied therein. (That's just my personal opinion here).  It's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

What other choice is there, so that my communication is in line and harmony with the frequencies of the 4th dimension? Only one comes to mind and I realize that if humankind wishes to move from the 3rd dimension to the 4th, this shift that I am beginning to understand here needs to happen. It is the shift from "having and using rights" to "taking responsibility". It seems to me that when I shine light onto different topics, it always boils down to this one thing - "responsibility". In the topic of words, communication, I see it very clearly. The 3D "right to free speech" turns into "responsibility what my words create" in 4D. By taking on this responsibility, I automatically let go of the all encompassing "right to free speech". It's value ceases to impress me. The responsibility however beckons me into a process of increased expansion of awareness. It means to me that my words have power. My words create a reality. My words are the sounds that modify the element ether. I have the freedom to use them, but also the responsibility to use them wisely or not at all.

In practice the discernment can be very simple. I thought of this quite a bit. If the focus, the lens, the point of perception is one based on polarity issues, like "this is good/this is bad" or "i am right/you are wrong" or anything like this. If the point of view comes from this motivator of the polar opposites, then I know with certainty, that my focus point resides in the frequency of the old paradigm, the 3rd dimension. With the collapse of duality, love becomes the focus point, the oneness of things becomes the focus point. This can be the deciding factor if something should be shared, if words should be offered. It isn't very hard to stop before responding to anything at all. I find it actually more and more easy to stop for a bit and look at my own point of perception, to discern where the motivating force stems from, either the 3rd dimension or the 4th. It isn't very hard to decide to allow the thoughts in awareness where they are coming from, but not express them, if they stem from the old paradigm and only speak from the new paradigm, from the focus of the 4th dimension. I know it will take practice to get good at this new way of taking responsibility, but I believe that if I apply this to every communication from now on, I'll get the hang of it quite quickly.

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