Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Power of Fun

Some things are just "in the air". That means, many people are talking or thinking about the same or similar things. One such thing has popped up on my radar and it's the idea of "fun" or "play". I've sat with it for a bit and mused on the topic. I realized that my children have been trying to let me know for a good long while now that the world ails, because things they "have to do", like going to school for instance, just aren't fun.

I find myself, having been raised by parents who actually were in their 20s during WWII, to be conditioned somewhat differently. So that means, I have two options - I can either stay where I am at and put my parents' imprint of "there is no fun, you got to work and work hard" onto my children, or I can listen to their inner wisdom and see for myself where I need to get on with the "program" and hop into yet another paradigm shift.  Since I've had to go through so many shifts of changing and adjusting my beliefs, my thinking pathways before, one more surely won't hurt. It could even be fun !

What does it mean to have fun? I'm realizing that in my belief system, having fun almost is "not allowed", it's almost a bad thing! I'm somewhat baffled to unearth this tidbit, yet I let review pass and realize that I've been shown for many years that I'm having this issue. I begin right now actively to change my outlook. Any kind of guilt, of not having done my "work" before play has to simply be let go. Instead, I replace it with "life's easy, child's play and most of". For how can it truly be fun, if I don't allow my reality to be shaped by the belief that it is ?

One thing is for certain, one doesn't like to do things that are "musts", or "shoulds". We enjoy life much more, if things we "have" to do, actually become fun, or playful. The problem I see is that I still sit and wait for them to become fun on their own, which they don't. So it's really up to me to make them "fun". There are countless ways to instill the sense of fun to everyday tasks and the result will be miraculous, I know this, I sense it. I will be doing things and enjoying them, no matter how "mundane" they are, no matter how I viewed them as "chores" before. I cannot have my "chores" be gone from my daily life, they are there, the laundry needs done, the floors swept, the cat rewarded for finally catching the mouse - you know everyday stuff. It's more about my own attitude, how I can turn on some music or fold laundry while I watch an interesting show. It's about how I enjoy the clean floors and the gratitude I feel towards my silly Luna cat who sometimes thinks she's a dog - It's totally in my own power how I turn "musts" into event of "fun" and now I'm going to sign off, try on this new pair of shoes myself and walk my talk.

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