Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Nature of Letting Go

Today seems a good day to talk a bit about "letting go". Letting go as in releasing a hold. The opposite of this would be to hold on, to restrain, to bind. Letting go has been linked a lot to be understood as "surrender" and that quality has been feared quite a bit. Letting go does have the connotation to leave something behind. The problem we have is when our ego, our lower self produces a whole lot of fear because it may fear to be the one who is let go as we march into more and more awareness of embodying the higher self on the physical plane. Whenever I find myself at a place that has grown very comfortable and well known to me and I've cherished the blessings in it, yet the Universe deems it important that I move on, I sporadically find myself at a point where this surrender thing becomes paramount.

It's there, it's before me, I look at it like the proverbial rabbit gazing at the snake. I fear it, for beyond it is the unknown, unchartered territory, yet, I also recognize that I've been treading in one place for too long and it's just time to continue on. I know I cannot truly make that step across the threshold that is looming before me if I solely take my masculine qualities and try to step into the abyss. There has to be a balance and it's found in the feminine qualities of surrendering, of letting go. It's like clinging to a rock in a raging river which takes so much more energy than letting go of the hold of the (somewhat) safe place, of the known little rock that allows us some view of the river, but never gets us carried into the new unchartered territories.

Usually, there's some kicking and screaming as in resistance against that which lies before me, but I tell myself, there is no courage where there is no fear and I go about acknowledging the fear that wants me to hang on to my rock forever, no matter how tired my arms and hands get. I bless it's wisdom, for truly the unknown is a scary thing and the fear is reasonable and natural. I talk to this fear part inside and tell it that in the same energy of fear, there is courage - and I reason myself into the place of where courage grows. At some point, perhaps I have my impatient nature to thank for, I just say YES to exploring the unknown, I just release, despite the fear - I just let go, I just allow the river of my journey to carry me forth where I need to be next and in letting go, I realize that it is the very same energy as holding on. There is no holding on, if there is not the potential of letting go. I cannot truly think that if I have the strength to hold on, I cannot let go. Action and reaction are equal and opposite, as the pendulum can swing into the full experience of holding on, it can swing back into the equally strong opposite experience of letting go. And so it is.

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